America’s Most (and Least) Healthiest States


Starting with a fresh foot forward in a new year, it’s important to look back and learn from past triumphs and mistakes. In that spirit, the United Heath Foundation recently released their study on America’s most (and least) healthiest states.

The study focused on health-related topics such as percentage of insured residents, prevalence of obesity and number of mental health providers. It also factors infectious disease rates, physical inactivity, air quality, smoking and healthcare provider availability.

Massachusetts ended Hawaii’s five year reign (don’t worry, Hawaii is still sitting strong at second) as the number 1 healthiest U.S. state – with its low prevalence of obesity, low number of uninsured residents and high availability of mental health providers. Weighing in at the bottom is Mississippi and Louisiana, which both suffered due to higher smoking levels, obesity and children living in poverty.

Individual rankings aside, the report found that the nation’s overall health is getting worse (oh, no!). For example, our premature death rate (death before the age of 75) is up 3% from 2015, putting us at 27th place out of 35 participating countries in the report’s life expectancy study. This is partially due to drug deaths (which increased by 7%) and cardiovascular deaths (increased by 2%).

If that makes you sad, don’t worry, we can always improve.

With the new year coming around, why not make some promises to make healthier choices? Try these three simple tips.

  1. Reduce or stop drinking soda, soft drinks and sugary drinks.
  2. Reduce or stop eating fast food.
  3. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake.

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Let’s do better in 2018!

Check out the study:


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