5 Tips to Help Improve Brain Health

brain health


Our brains evolve as we age. Like our bodies, we can take preventative steps to keep our brains feeling young and strong. Growing evidence suggests that people can reduce their risk of cognitive decline with healthy lifestyle choices. Here are five lifestyle choices you can implement for brain health.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

While your brain acts somewhat similar to a steering wheel (acting as navigation and control), your heart is an engine. It allows blood to flow freely throughout your body. Without a healthy heart powering your body, your organs and health may face a tough road.

If you experience conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, it is critical that you take action to improve and/or manage them before it’s too late. Get tips on how a healthy lifestyle can support your heart health here.


Good nutrition plays a large role in brain health. The Mediterranean diet (also known as a flexitarian diet) emphasizes plant-based foods, healthy fats, grains, and fish. Studies show that Alzheimer’s rates are low in communities that follow this diet when compared to communities that eat differently. . 

If a Mediterranean diet isn’t for you, incorporating plant-based foods in your diet will go a long way. 

Train Your Brain

If you want to pack on muscle to your legs, you would need to do activities like squats and deadlifts. Use that same thought process when it comes to your brain. Things like reading, sudoku, and crossword puzzles are excellent activities to stimulate your brain and keep it sharp as you age. 

Learn New Skills

Whether it’s learning a new language or learning how to play an instrument, developing new skills keeps your brain healthy. It is recommended that you learn real-world skills over dedicating a lot of time to online brain games. While online brain games aren’t useless, they mostly improve your ability to perform the tasks in the game and not so much in the real world. 


New studies show that lack of sleep can lead to issues with mental functions such as memory. If you are dealing with sleep apnea or deal with stress, look for ways to mitigate those complications so you can get your eight hours every night.

Purium and Brain Health

We’re big advocates for helping people change the way they eat and how they live. Our superfoods were optimized to help people lead long and healthy lives. When it comes to brain health, there are two products in particular that shine above the rest. 


Revive-It-All is a world-class formulation of antioxidants and herbs specially formulated to support healthy brain function while encouraging energy, vigor, and mental clarity. 

White American Ginseng

White American Ginseng has been used throughout history because of its ability to revitalize and restore balance in the body. Ours contains at least 28 active ginsenosides which promote energy without the jittery side effects.

To learn more about brain health, watch this zoom with Purium co-founder Dave Sandoval as he discusses the importance of keeping your brain healthy. 


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