Love Yourself: Core 4 Self-Care Tips 


February is the month of love and emphasizing the importance of love in our lives, not just with our relationships with others but with ourselves as well. One of the first steps to self-love is practicing self-care! 

To take care of our loved ones we must first take the time to recognize our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs to restore our well-being. 

Integrate self-care into your daily schedule with our 4 simple steps that involve Purium’s Daily Core 4; the ultimate nutritional foundation to help you flourish into the best version of yourself! 

Boost your Mood 

We are all human, we have our good days and bad days, our ups and downs; if you’re stuck in a rut, boosting your mood may be as simple as whipping up a new recipe, or writing down your long-term goals. Giving ourselves the chance to put our minds in a sweet disposition can contribute to our practice of self-love and care. Let yourself enjoy the things you love every day! 

  • Write in a Journal 

Whether it’s planning out the next day or planning an extravagant trip abroad, writing in a journal can boost your mood by contributing to your excitement about future comings. Writing can also exercise your creativity and allow your mind to wander freely.  

  • Try a New Recipe 

Getting crafty in the kitchen not only breaks up our day with a fun activity, but it promotes self-care too! Cooking for ourselves at home gives us much more control over our diets, often resulting in a much healthier one. Our taste buds and bellies will thank us right away. 

Practice self-care and increase your mood with this detoxifying Purium product from our Daily Core 4. Biome Medic gives your body the superior gut health it deserves by flushing out harmful toxins, supporting “good” bacteria, and boosting your mood and immunity! For more information about Biome Medic’s benefits click here. 

Boost your Energy 

Staring at screens all day, running numerous errands, or driving long commutes can suck the energy right out of us. Whether we’re feeling like lazy couch potatoes or drained from the workweek, there are endless self-care practices that can up level our energy. 

  • Go on a Hike or Nature Walk 

Heading outdoors, immersing yourself in nature, and breathing in fresh air has the power to raise your energy and keeps your mood calm, positive, and focused. Sunlight helps keep your serotonin levels up while natural settings help us feel at peace with ourselves feeding into our self-love. 

  • Pump up the Jams 

Brush off the sleepies by plugging in earphones and turning up the volume on your favorite dance tunes. Listening to upbeat music can not only help with our energy levels, but it can put a smile on our faces; the best effect of self-care! 

An essential element to our Daily Core 4, the Power Shake conveniently lets you practice self-care by nourishing your body with super greens and boosting your energy. Your mind, body, and taste-buds may continue to crave this delicious Apple-Berry flavor green drink. It’s like drinking liquid sunshine! 

Boost Your Workout Routine 

Amping up your daily workout routine or just finding time to exercise daily is key in caring for ourselves, for both our mind and body. Vigorous activities give us an endorphin rush which can help us deal with stress and reduce feelings of pain. The pleasure effect associated with endorphins is partly related to the increased dopamine (or “happy hormone”) production that occurs when we exercise. 

  • Do a HIIT Workout 

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts solve your issues when it comes to squeezing exercise into a busy schedule. Push yourself hard for 15-20 minutes to burn calories ,body fat, and build muscle fast! Your body will feel strong and your mind will be refreshed. 

  • Go on a Bike Ride 

Taking your bike out for a cruise can get you on the path to self-care; this is a fun exercise to get your endorphins pumping. Ride at your own pace and let this time be an escape from your busy workday. 

Fuel your workouts with our 100% pre-digested vegan protein tablets that can help build lean muscle and burn fat. Take 5 tablets 20 minutes before exercising to increase your endurance and strength! 

Boost your Sleep 

Getting a restful night’s sleep can dictate the outcome of our days. Take care of yourself and your sleep schedule by having an effective bedtime routine to help you wind down from the day.

  • Power Down at Night

Put your phone away or turn off the TV at least thirty minutes before you go to bed, and read a book instead. The blue light released by our screens inhibits the production of melatonin- the hormone that controls your sleep/wake cycle- making it difficult to fall asleep and get your 8 hours.

  • Meditate 

By calming your body and mind, it’s easier to shut off the distracting thoughts that keep the brain active. Meditating can also increase the natural melatonin levels to help you sleep. 

Our organic tart-cherry concentrate naturally boosts melatonin production. We suggest adding 1 oz. (around 2 tbsp) to 8-10 oz. of water about half an hour before going to sleep. To find other Purium products that support sleep read our blog.

Even with a busy schedule, it is so important to form the habit of regularly checking in on yourself so you remain sane, healthy, and happy and can continue working towards your goals!


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