Smart Order: How It Works


It Pays to Make a Healthy Commitment

We take nutrition very seriously, here at Purium. That is why we’ve created this rewarding subscription program that promotes consistency toward your long term health goals and incentivizes you along the way! Earn 1.5x Rewards Points every time you shop with a Smart Order on file. That means MORE money towards your favorite purchases.

Rewarding Healthy Habits

Earn Free Product: 3 & Then Free Program

It takes 90 Days to form a habit and we’re here to help. Make healthy habits with Purium products and we’ll ensure the maximum discount on all of your orders. And now, our NEW process has never been easier! 

Earn free product by following these steps: 

Step 1: Activate and maintain a Smart Order for 3 months. (Login to and click the “Smart Order” tab).

Step 2: Get 1.5x Reward Points on anything you order.

Step 3:  Purchase select products 3 months in a row (with an active smart order on file) and get that product for FREE with your next order.

Eligible Products

  • Epi-Genius Kids
  • Epi-Genius Cats and Dogs
  • Heart Aid
  • Super Xanthin
  • Revive-It-All
  • Renew Hair, Skin & Nails
  • Joint Flex
  • Bee Energetic

How 3 & Then Free Works

It’s even easier than before!!!  Think of our new 3 & Then Free system as a vault. Once you order a qualifying product (with an active Smart Order on file) 3 consecutive months in a row, our system will put your FREE product in a “vault,” awaiting to be delivered to you with your very next order!

When you make your next order after the 3rd consecutive month, the free product will automatically be added to your next order with zero ($0) as the price!

No Rewards point system, no confusion, just free product! 

If I buy two of the same qualifying products for 3 months for the 3 & Free, would I qualify for two FREE* products? 

No, you would only qualify for one.



  1. Why does placing an order for something that you want to try but are not sure you want to get it every month cancel out a smart order? I have a product I would like to try but I don’t want to add it to my smart order because I am not sure I’ll like it or that I will need it every month. I ordered something on May 1st and had a smart order set up for May 20th and when I looked on May 21st, there was nothing showing for a May 20 order. My customer also had that happen and his last order was in April! In

    1. Hi Cheryl! Placing an order before your Smart Order cancels out your Smart Order. We apologize for this inconvenience and we will share your feedback with the team.

  2. For the “buy 3, get 4th free” for the Smart order: If I order 2 Epi-Genius Kids for 3 months in a row (one for me & one for my kids), why do I only get 1 free and not 2 free?

    1. The 3 & Then Free program only applies to 1 free product even if you ordered multiple. You can earn more than 1 type of product for free, but the promotion only applies to a quantity of 1 per unique and eligible product.

    1. Hi! This is due to the manual labor. Standard ULTs are pre-kitted while Customizable ULT is made to your desired changes.

  3. I’ve noticed there are some products under the 3 and free program that are not listed or available while placing a smart order. Like Zincade or epi dogs. Is there a way to order these products for smart order that I’m unaware of?

  4. I am trying to change my smart order and cannot find out how. I would like to delete 2 items and add another. Please tell me how that is possible.

    Thank you

    1. Oh no! This question seems to have been missed. We would love to help. After signing into your Smart Order account, you can scroll to the bottom of the screen and click edit Smart Order.

  5. Why can’t Smart Orders and Orders be two separate things? If I just want to order a single thing it shouldn’t affect my Smart Order, no matter when I place a regular order.

    1. We apologize! In the history of a Smart Order, it has been known as a “back-up” order. With that logic, it would be cancelled for the month if the system recognized another order being placed before the “back up” order. We can certainly share your feedback about the system.

  6. Regular orders shouldn’t affect a Smart order. They should be completely separate. Other companies can do it, we should be able to also.

    My question: if I edit a Smart order before the process date, will it cancel that months order?

    1. If you edit your Smart Order, that newly edited Smart Order will become your Smart Order for the month. It does not get cancelled; it just gets amended to your desired change.

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