10 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating


It feels like the holidays have sure snuck up on us this year! Some of us may have had goals of losing a certain amount of weight, cutting out caffeine and alcohol, and daily workouts. Maybe a few of you have stuck with it and a few didn’t, but its important to remember that this is a lifestyle. Just because the holidays have arrived with trays of fatty, sugary, tempting foods it doesn’t mean you should throw up your arms and say, “I’ll just try again next year.” Now is the time to show true self-control. Don’t resign when you slip up, there are no mistakes! If you eat something that doesn’t make you proud, remember how it feels and use that as motivation for a future temptation. Here are a few more tips that will not only help you eat less during the holidays, but help you lose weight!

1. Get a good night’s sleep. Not getting enough sleep the night before can cause overeating.

2. Drink a lot of water! More often than not your body is trying to tell you that it is thirsty, not hungry. Drink a big glass of water before you grab that doughy roll.

3. Have a green drink (or 2). When you wake up, make yourself a green shake to flood your body with the nutrients it needs. This will give you a good frame of mind and a clean body to help you stay clean.

4. Keep moving! Go on a family hike in the morning. Get some fresh air, burn some calories and enjoy the company before you eat.

5. Reach for the salad first. Fill yourself up with salads and fruits first…and (if you’re still hungry) reach for the other stuff after that.

6. Avoid liquid calories and sugar. It can be difficult to only drink water when all your relatives are enjoying soda, juice, or wine. Stick to water, unsweetened tea, or almond milk to avoid the extra, empty sugars and calories.

7. Indulge only in the best. If pumpkin pie is your absolute favorite holiday dessert, have a piece! Is stuffing your guilt pleasure? Have two tablespoons! Eat smaller portions and chew it slowly, making the enjoyment last longer. This will keep you honest and prevent you from snacking on the junk that doesn’t taste that incredible anyway!

8. If you do indulge… Before you sink your teeth into that casserole or piece of pie, take our Pre-Meal Control Capsule that will help you avoid overeating and help your body properly process the sugar. And if you forget to do that, take our Enzyme Advantage after your eat!

9. The morning after…Sometimes the next day is the make or break moment. Have a plan to wake up with a shake and do something active to keep you in the right mind set.

10. And if all else fails, prepare yourself for a Purium Transformation! On Monday, November 28th, Purium Owner Dave Sandoval will be hosting a 10-Day Athlete Plan and VP of Marketing and Sales David Litt will be hosting a traditional 10-Day Transformation starting Monday Nov. 28th. They are looking for people to join them to lose weight, gain muscle, feel amazing, and be ready to impress the family come Christmas!


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