How The Ultimate Lifestyle Tranformation Makes Resolutions a Reality


We’re a little over a week after millions of people across the globe set their New Year’s Resolutions with the intent of bettering themselves. As great as that is, the sad reality is that most resolutions are broken by February

 In fact, one UK study reports that 64% of individuals quit their resolutions by the end of January.  With that in mind, here are our best tips to not only make it through the first month of the year with your resolution still intact, but also for you to truly achieve it!

Be Specific

It’s difficult to achieve a resolution that is vague, such as exercising more. Altering that resolution to a specific time frame (like exercising 45 minutes a day) gives you a chance to set the parameters that will enable you to make that resolution possible. 

Control Your Environment 

One of the biggest reasons why resolutions fail is that people don’t take into account what it’s going to take to achieve that resolution. A simple thing you can do is tailor your surroundings to make things easier for yourself. For example, if your goal was to eat one apple each day, place that apple somewhere you will see it to remind you.

Share Your Goals

Don’t be afraid to tell others what you plan to achieve during the new year. Not only does sharing add another layer of accountability, but it also may empower someone else to join you on your journey! 

Measure Your Progress

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t completed in a day (hopefully). You are embarking on a journey that will challenge you. As the days and weeks go by, monitor where you are on your journey. This can help motivate you to hit your goals. 

Be Adaptable

For some journeys, the road from point A to point B will likely be nonlinear. Things happen, and as your story progresses, you probably will need to make adjustments to ensure you maximize your probability of achieving your resolution. You may also realize that your resolution may not have been realistic, but then you can create one that is more in your ballpark. That’s totally okay! 

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Failures and setbacks are bound to happen as the year goes on. The question is, how will you respond to it? One day of bad eating isn’t going to destroy your goals; giving up will. Stick with your game plan and get back on the wagon as soon as possible! 

Where the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Fits In

Pure + Premium Ingredients

Owners Dave Sandoval and Amy Venner partnered with organic farmers worldwide to create a trusted, expert superfood community. Every bright color, vibrant flavor, and raw nutrient comes straight from Mother Nature. Rigorous testing ensures high-quality ingredients.


Unlike many fad diets, the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) can be implemented in many different lifestyles. In fact, there are three different schedules you can choose from depending on your goals and your lifestyle.


Regardless of which schedule you choose from, the program is designed to leave as little guesswork as possible. Each product has a reserved time of when it should be consumed making it simple for you to ensure you are properly taking everything. The included lifestyle guide also has a foods list that will make grocery shopping less of a hassle. 

Community Support

When you begin your ULT, you are not alone. We have an awesome community that is more than willing to help those who may be struggling with their ULT or are looking for some Purium hacks. For general support, this Transformation Group is a great resource tool. For interesting and creative recipes, this Recipe Group will ensure you always have plenty of options to choose from!


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