Share your Transformation Journey: Post a Product Pic, Get $10!


Are you loving the changes you’ve experienced from your Purium health journey!? If you find yourself bursting with excitement over the transformative qualities of these superfoods, it’s time to pay those benefits forward by sharing Purium with all the people in your life! And when you pay it forward, you get paid in return too! 

Each morning you scoop your Power Shake and toss back your Super Aminos, you are building a stronger version of yourself, both physically and mentally, so why shouldn’t you want the people you love most to feel the same? 

While our Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation products may promote a transformative change visually, they also help you heal from the inside out. Specifically, Biome Medic helps cleanse our ‘second brain’: our gut. Gut bacteria produces hundreds of neurochemicals that the brain uses to regulate basic physiological processes as well as mental processes such as learning, memory, and mood. For example, our gut manufactures about 95 percent of the body’s supply of serotonin, which influences our mood. 

Our products are changing lives: 

“I noticed a clearer mind upon the first day of this Ultimate Transformation. The spiritual benefits have also honestly been undeniable for me. This program has helped me establish some sacred routine and self-discipline while also having fun and feeling excited about life.” -Sam Chambers via  

Did you know? When functioning at your highest potential, your quality of life can improve as your mental clarity rises, communication flows better and relationships strengthen. Consistently taking all the products in the ULT will help you flourish into the best version of yourself and help you build an inner circle of high-vibe health warriors! 

“Having just completed the 30 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, I have felt so many benefits! Mentally, I am more aware, more energetic, more able to focus. I am sleeping well and waking up rested and rejuvenated.” -Stacey via 

Now that you’re happier & healthier, here’s how you can encourage your friends and family to improve their health and vitality with nourishing superfoods: 

Post a Product Pic & Get $10 OFF! 

On top of feeling fulfilled by serving those you care about, you’ll get rewarded for simply documenting and sharing your superfood story! Follow these 3 simple steps to earn $10 off your next purchase via iShopPurium.  

Step 1. 

Take a photo of one of your ULT products! Capture a close-up tablespoon full of Power Shake/Apothe Cherry or a handful of Biome Medic/Super Aminos. 

Keep in mind: good light, uncluttered background, cool angle or try “Portrait” mode on your phone camera! 

Step 2. 

Use the example below to write your caption to go with the beautiful photo you just snapped! Before sharing to your social media channels, be sure to tag the person who got you started on your Purium journey (both in the caption and photo), so they can get rewarded too. 

Example Caption: “I am so grateful that my friend @(insert friend’s handle name) shared this magical secret with me. This daily spoonful has changed my life for the better with brighter energy, lighter moods, fresh skin, and no more belly bloat. I can’t wait to see what the next 30 days of this will bring!”  

All Captions MUST:

  • Mention results and include enthusiasm over your results
  • Tag your friend who shared Purium with you 

Step 3.

Press share! Once your Purium friend sees your amazing post on their feed, your job is done. They will screenshot your post and submit it to Purium’s corporate team for approval. Once it is approved, we will automatically put 1000 Reward Points into your account. That’s $10 off your next purchase! 

Check out the infographic below to help guide you through this simple and fun process! Click here for a downloadable version. 

Are you interested in having your own Gift Code to share and start earning commission with Purium? Talk to the person who referred you to Purium to help you begin! Learn more here.


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