Purium Products Prime for Men’s Health Month


June is National Men’s Health Month! This Father’s Day, give the gift of health! Help the special guy in your life the opportunity to optimize his health with our plant-based products. From supporting libido to assisting the body’s response to  joint damage , these all-natural supplements will help him reach optimal nutrition- inside and out! 

Superfoods for the Gents

Before we get into specific products (including one of Purium’s best kept secrets), we want to remind you that all health starts with your nutritional baseline. This means that you should address your daily health before you fine-tune other aspects of health.

Some of Purium Co-Founder Dave Sandoval’s top picks for men:

Men’s Defense 

Support defense against health concerns that are unique among men with this synergistically balanced blend. This natural formula includes saw palmetto berry, nettle, pygeum, red clover and pumpkin seed and comes from various cultures across the globe. Each of these special ingredients function synergistically to assist the male body’s defense against health concerns unique to men. We recommend pairing Men’s Defense with our Green Spectrum blend (unflavored or lemon)

May support: 

  • healthy immune system function
  • healthy prostate and liver
  • healthy hair retention

Dive into each ingredient function in our blog. 


Joint Flex

We have your back… literally! Do you know most men experience joint issues, most especially back pain? Joint Flex’s special ingredients are great for supporting cartilage rebuilding and the body’s reaction to muscle pain; perfect for men with labor-intensive jobs or just active men in general. Our formulation for Joint Flex was inspired by the harmful impacts of joint discomfort on your mental and physical health. Joint discomfort can cause you to avoid consistent exercise, which could be detrimental to your mental health and fitness goals. The synergistic variety of herbs in  Joint Flex  are the key to help support an active lifestyle to benefit your body and mind.

Help restore vitality, rebuild muscle and enhance flexibility with this extract-infused mix. Joint Flex is a valuable addition to any anti-aging regimen, and we recommend combining it with our Apothe-Cherry for further joint support.


  • Can support body’s response to inflammation
  • Can help enhance flexibility
  • May stimulate the rebuilding of connective tissues


Aging is inevitable.. but don’t worry, because aging gracefully is achievable! Revive-It-All contains plant-based ingredients, like acetyl L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid and ginkgo biloba leaf,that work together to support the body’s reaction to fatigue and aging. Do you know any men looking for mental agility and restoring the pep in their step? Revive-It-All is a good place to start.


  • Can help improve mood, memory and cognition
  • May help increase energy and vigor
  • Can enhance circulation

Super Life 

All right, we know you have seen commercials about men who may need a little help with testosterone. Dave recommends staying away from those pills on TV and switching to Super Life. A hormone-supporting product, Super Life contains White American Ginseng, velvet antler, long jack extract, cordyceps and more. These ingredients help promote hormone production, supporting men on several different levels, including sexual desire and mental well-being.


  • May support healthy testosterone levels in men and women
  • May enhance sexual desire
  • May enhance mood or provide general sense of well-being

Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation & Daily Core 4 

Nourish and detoxify your body with protein, fruits, vegetables and gut health on a daily basis. Commit to a healthy baseline with 90 to 100 days of proper nourishment. Transform your lifestyle with an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, then maintain your baseline with the Daily Core 4. 

After this, you are ready to fine-tune with Purium Head to Toe, with the products below.

Renew Hair, Skin and Nails 

Know any men in your life with hair loss? Renew Hair, Skin and Nails helps support your body’s hair and nail growth with herbs and plants, such as silica, sea kelp and spirulina. Power Shake may also support hair growth, with healthy fats and plant nutrients that support total body wellness. 


  • Helps strengthen hair, nails and skin
  • May help prevent split ends and breakage
  • May support natural stress relief

Heart Aid 

Help aid healthy cardiovascular function with herbs celebrated throughout history.  

Purium’s Heart Aid has been specifically designed to support healthy cardiovascular function. It contains a wide variety of herbs used historically by healers, shamans and naturopaths to reduce the effects of aging on the heart and support natural chelation. We recommend taking it with our Ionic Elements as a part of any heart-health or anti-aging regimen.


  • May help support the body’s response to free radical damage
  • Can aid in healthy cardiovascular function
  • May promote increased oxygen uptake

Listen to the Zoom

Want more plant-based tips from Dave? Listen to this Zoom here. 


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