Aloe Digest: Digestive Support from Anywhere


Gastric reflux? Upset stomach? Gas ache? Everyone needs a little extra digestion support and Aloe Vera is truly one of nature’s best aid! 

It is associated with numerous health benefits, including alkalizing, digestion, liver function support and immune function support. 

What is it? 

Rich with polysaccharides- to promote healthy digestion- with a base of organic coconut water, our Organic Aloe Digest is the perfect support for any time of the day!

A gluten-free alternative to Biome Medic, Aloe Digest contains no wheat germ extract. Like Biome Medic, it can help bind and eliminate glyphosate and support a healthy digestive system. 

How does it work? 

Aloe Digest is a natural dietary supplement that acts as an aid for digestive issues. Just mix one serving in your shaker bottle to help ease symptoms of Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), acid reflux, indigestion, an upset stomach, or a gas ache. 

Most yogurts and probiotic-infused juices are expensive, have a short shelf life, and must be refrigerated; antacid tablets and liquid syrups can be bulky and take up pantry space. Aloe Digest offers a safe and natural solution to ease discomfort with a longer shelf life and more convenience. While products containing aloe juice are available, mass volumes of these products are highly diluted;  plus, the shipping of water and other liquid-based products can have a detrimental impact on the environment. Purium’s Aloe Digest contains a highly concentrated, blended powder form, offering consumers an effective and potent blend with a lower environmental impact.

Our Aloe Digest 10 serving pouches prioritize convenience and portability for on-the-go lifestyles! There’s no need to carry along bulky containers. Whether you’re heading out to a picnic or enjoying BBQ munchies, don’t forget to grab your pouch to throw in your bag to help support your tummy troubles!


  • May promote healthy digestion
  • May support healthy immune function
  • May help nutrient absorption

Suggested Use:

  • Mix 2 1/4 tsp with 10-12 oz. of water.

Learn more about Aloe Digest’s benefits from Purium Co-Founder Dave Sandoval:


Our community raves over Aloe Digest for a delicious daily supplement to ease digestive or acid reflux issues.


From mouth-watering mocktails to creamy sorbets, these delicious recipes can treat your tummy on a hot summer day, without any of the setbacks! 

Non-Alcoholic Superfood Sangria:

Tips for Use:

  • Mix with water in a shaker bottle and pour over ice
  • Bring  to a summer BBQ to ease tummy troubles after a big meal
  • Mix into your mock/cocktails to help with digestion 
  • Purium Co-Founder Dave Sandoval recommends pairing Aloe Digest with: 
    • Biome Medic: Helps healthily repair the gut 
    • Spectrum Greens: Provides prebiotic support with soluble, fermentable fibers that feed and supports effectiveness of the probiotic 
    • Apothe-Cherry: Aloe helps boost the effectiveness of tart cherry’s benefits
    • Ionic Elements: Support gut health when you can’t use Biome Medic due to the digestive wheat germ

For all the Aloe Digest facts click HERE!


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  1. I love the Aloe Digest mixed with the Can’t Beet This as a refreshing afternoon pick me up on these hot days & I live in the High Desert in Southern California. So I get tired of just water & this drink hits the spot!

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