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Now is the time to shield yourself and your family from our current, global health crisis. Air pollution, water contamination, herbicides and processed foods act against your body’s natural ability to fight against harmful threats. Let our Healthy Immune Function Pack serve as your defense against invading viruses as we navigate ourselves through these unprecedented times.

Purium’s Co-owners, Dave Sandoval and Amy Venner understand how important it is to keep your body fit to fight during times like these. Which is why they formulated these three products and created this pack to act as a strong layer of defense against sickness or viruses. Watch Purium Co-founders, Dave Sandoval and Amy Venner elaborate on the products and their powerful ingredients and benefits in this Lifestyle Zoom.

Keep scrolling to learn how each product in the Healthy Immune Function Pack is a strong support to a healthy body’s immune function.

What’s Included

Biome Medic

What to Know

Did you know? 70-80% of the body’s immune response comes from the gut. When someone’s gut is compromised and unable to function then the immune system also fails. Biome Medic can encourage the body’s basic immune response to be at its ultimate. 

Bio Medic also serves as a major detoxifier of the dangerous food additive present in 75% of foods and 95% of beverages, glyphosate. It is known to destroy microorganisms not only in soil but also the vital organisms located in the human body’s gut, which can cause severe disruption in the immune system. In a preclinical trial with Bio Medic, a 74% reduction of glyphosate in 6 weeks was recorded. Containing gut-supporting plants (like digestive wheat germ) and holistic herbal blends (like a fulvic/humic acid blend), Bio Medic’s goal is to detect the glyphosate toxin and other harmful bacteria, eliminate it and then repair any damage left behind by nourishing and detoxifying. Gut normalcy is restored and your immune system is strengthened. 

Suggested Use

For maintenance, take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening with water. New customers may take a “loading” dose of four capsules to begin. Biome Medic can be taken with or without food.

C From Nature

What to Know

Nutritionists and holistic doctors herald Vitamin C as an immune-boosting nutrient. Our bodies do not product this vitamin on its own, but luckily we can obtain it from whole foods. Now we have a questions for you…do you pee your vitamin C?

That’s a weird question, but here is why we asked. Synthetic vitamin C is commonly sold in most markets and online stores. But there’s an issue with that. Synthetic vitamin C is just ascorbic acid that was created in a lab. Unfortunately, your body will dispose of synthetic vitamins, mostly through urine. So, it’s practically useless.

If your body is a car, Vitamin C is the one part that holds everything together to run smoothly. Without a consistent intake of Vitamin C, any immune system will begin to weaken dramatically and not function properly. C From Nature ensures you’re getting proper digestion of all your nutrients by separating carbohydrates from proteins from fats. If these nutrients are not properly divided, massive inflammation can occur and the immune system will shut down.

That’s why our C From Nature is not synthetic. We source our vitamin C from amla berry, acerola cherry, citrus bioflavonoids and more. Our Vitamin C is incomparable to chewable Vitamin C tablets found at big box stores that may contain large amounts of sugar, artificial sweeteners, glyphosate, and ascorbic acid coming from GMO corn. These unnecessary ingredients could weigh your immune system down instead of protecting it.

Suggested Use

Take 3 to 9 capsules daily with food. You may take 9 capsules when you feel it is necessary.


What to Know

Combining ancient history with modern science, Purium’s Co-owners created this product that uses powerful ingredients to corral and raise your immune system to a higher level. A key ingredient in Vir-u-sure, red sea algae (Red Algae Gigartina, Red Algae Dumontiaceae), is extremely rich in soul-faded polysaccharides. When combined with polysaccharides, a rare compound forms that aids and assists the body and its response to invaders, specifically viruses. Very few things on Earth have the potential of the red algae implemented in Vir-u-sure, as it slows down the replication of viruses and stops them from accumulating in large colonies. 

Spirulina Neem Leaf Extract is another vital ingredient that reduces susceptibility to infections and inhibits the replication of viruses. It is the number 1 defense in India, a populous country with low cleanliness standards, for more than 4000 years and was historically used when humans could not get a vaccine.

Spirulina may help the body absorb the nutrients from red marine algae.

Suggested Use

You  may use this when you are feeling a little “tickle” in your throat or when you’re feeling a little down. Take 2 capsules daily with food and up to 6 capsules per day.

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