Back to Basics with the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation


Our goal is physical transformation and the pack to get there is the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) pack. The five selected products in the ULT pack are composed with the specific purpose to saturate your body with pure, organic superfood nutrition and to change your body’s relationship with food. The ULT program is designed to help you take back control of your physical, emotional and yes, even spiritual self and dramatically improve your prospects’ longevity and wellness in the  future.

These products and programs have been time-tested and proven effective in more than 100,000 people’s lives, and what we have learned from them makes today’s programs more effective than ever.

Watch Purium’s Owners, Dave Sandoval & Amy Venner, in this “Back to Basics” Zoom to learn exactly how the ULT’s products, ingredients and schedules are an ultimate support to achieving your health goals.

90 Days to Healthy Habits

Commit to 90 days and 3 months of the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation program to transform your habits and relationship with food. Below is Dave’s suggested path for using all 3 schedules to gradually build discipline and restriction.

Now there are many ways to use Purium and to have a physical transformation of your own and we have found that making a commitment to the Purium lifestyle for not just 30 but 60, 90 and 100 days is the best way to fully transform your body, your habits and your relationship with food.”

Month 1 (Day 1-30): ULT pack with the Basic schedule

“I believe that every person should start with what I call the easy schedule. It’s two power shakes a day plus all of the other amazing Purium products.  Add to that one or two healthy, organic meals, and you are well on your way to a transformation that you feel in control of.

Month 2 (Day 31-60): ULT pack with the Intermittent-Fasting schedule

In your second month, I suggest you try the intermittent fasting schedule which restricts 100% of your calories to an eight hour window. You don’t have to do this, but for many people it can be both challenging and rewarding as an anti-aging and weight management tool.

Month 3 (Day 61-90): ULT pack with the Accelerated schedule

“Once you have mastered the products in the easy schedule and advance to the intermittent fasting and have proven that you have the discipline and the physical make up to tolerate such a schedule, then you are in the perfect position to try the most most challenging of our schedules, and that is the 10-day immersion- a physical, emotional, and spiritual experience much like fasting that so many Purium devotees have used to catapult themselves forward and transform in a way that very few are capable of. I want to remind you that this schedule should be reserved for those who have already experienced a 30-day ULT and 30-day ULT intermittent fasting schedule in order to have the greatest chance for success and an awesome outcome that can be truly considered transformational.”


Rewards for Reviews

Earn 1000 Rewards Points For Every ULT Review

Every time you complete a ULT, you can write a new review! Write and submit a compelling and compliant review on that includes before and after photos for programs:
1000 Purium Rewards points will be given for each published review. Points can be used as a $10 product credit on a future order.

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