Purium Lifestyle Transformation Contest Winners – Inspiring Before + After Photos


We’re excited for each and every person who entered our first Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation contest.  Give them a round of applause for taking control of their health and making a transformative change. 

Without out further ado, here are the winners of our first contest. (We value every journey–these winners were selected randomly). 

Grand Prize Winner

Cheri took charge of her health with the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, losing weight & gaining a new life along the way. But there’s more…Cheri won 1 FULL year of Daily Core 4. Plus, she has the chance to share 1 free Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation with someone new. 


Runner-Up Winners

In my past I tried other companies to help me on my health journey. They all had quick, but temporary results. My friend introduced me to Purium and I said “why not?” At 5’9” and 208 pounds, I just wanted to be healthy! Weight loss was not my goal but a welcome side effect. But of all the programs I tired this one worked! My body responded to getting the nutrition I needed. I lost weight. My skin cleared up (I was falsely accused of getting Botox) and my energy is through the roof! Purium worked for me. It truly did.


MY SKIN IS SINGING- the whites of my eyes are brighter & my cravings are gone!!! 💛 

I’ve always struggled with intense, cystic acne. The type of acne with which there’s really nothing that can be done, other than wait patiently for the pain and redness to subside. 

I’ve tried a number of products in my life and nothing has ever worked like The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation!!!! No diets. No gimmicks. Just clean, quality plant medicine!!!

I can see the healing of my insides taking place, by simply observing the transformation that’s taking place on the outside. How awesome is that?


Melissa took on the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation challenge. Just check out her results: weight loss & body transformation. As a contest winner, we’re sending a FREE Daily Core 4 her way!


Want to Be Our Next Winner?

Enter the next round of our contest for your chance to win. 

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