90 Days to a Healthy Habit


Are you ready to create permanent lasting change? Purium Founder’s Dave Sandoval and Amy Venner recently shared how you can change your health habits in their weekly #WellnessWednesday Lifestyle Zoom.

Read the recap below and click the Zoom link to hear the details.

90 Days to a Health Habit – Recap

Purium’s mission has always been to help people feel their best. Our method of getting you there has changed throughout the years, but we’ve always emphasized two important functions: nourish + detoxify.

Purium’s first pack was called the Dave Sandoval Celebrity 10-Day Transformation pack. Celebrities would contact Dave saying they needed to lose weight in a short period of time for events, so he came up with an immersive regimen to help them reach their goals.

Along the way, Dave and Amy realized that 10 days really can’t help change most people’s lifestyle — sure, it can help you switch up your eating for a short period of time, but you’re likely to go back to old habits right after, if you’re not consistent.

So, they created a 40-Day plan. This year, we have simplified the plan even further. Now the plan is 30 days and easily adaptable–there’s even an intermittent fasting option.

To learn more about this, click here.

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The Science of Habit

Forming a habit can take anywhere from 90 to 100 days. Over time, enzymes are attached to certain thoughts in your brain. This helps regulate key behaviors like remembering to eat, sleep and even how to cross the street.

The same goes for forming more negative habits. Enzymes will attach to negative thoughts  and habits. This is especially true if they were persistent thoughts or habits.

We designed our Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation around this notion. Fueling up on pure veggies, fruits, protein and a potent gut health formula on a consistent basis may help you make more likely to look for the same pure + premium foods when you are eating long after the Transformation.

Watch the Zoom

What happens after you complete your Transformation? Can you do another back to back? Find this and a more detailed run-through of all that we talked about today in this Zoom link below.

Amy & Dave host #WellnessWednesday Lifestyle Zooms every Wednesday at 6 pm PT, so tune in if you can!

Watch the January 8 Zoom here.


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