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Save or print the Lifestyle Transformation Tracker to keep track of your permanent lasting change. Download the full tracker and checklist here in the Placemat



    1. Are use really really cold water and then also put in a couple of ice cubes when I’m shaking it up. If you try and, by a plain coconut water and mix in. It’s delicious and it’s one of your flex foods

    2. It will get better . add lots of ice helps. 🙂 hope you keep trying it. I felt the same way. Then my body got alkalized. And it tast better than i imagined

  1. I have loved this ULT program!! Easy to follow from start to finish. I have more energy, mental clarity, & have shed 8 lbs thus far. The shake was gross to swallow, but I was desperate to feel better, so I did it!! I spoke with my rep & she suggested to add (from my flex foods) 1 cup of fruit. I added frozen organic blueberries, my absolute favorite. I am a Type 2 diabetic and have seen a huge drop in my blood sugar. My skin is glowing and I feel great!! I plan to continue with Core 4 after the 39 days.

  2. I absolutely love the shake. I have tried other diet systems and hate their protein shake. But, I love Purium’s Apple-Berry! I am so glad because I have heard some people dont like it. I love have clean and filling the shake and Super Amino 23s are. I have such a mental clarity and just feel better over all. I mean, today is just day 2 and I already have more energy! Purium is the best program out there…I know it works for me! Im looking forward to shedding some stubborn weight in the process!

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