Food for Thought: Netherlands + Sustainable Farming


It’s hard to live a healthy life sometimes. For a lot of us, there’s not a lot of healthy (or affordable) options…and way too many unhealthy options out there, with smaller price tags. For others, both options are scarce and difficult to find the necessary phytonutrients.

This is why sustainable farming is becoming a clear solution to help nourish and feed as many people as possible, in an economical way.

At Purium, we are conscious of how we source, grow, transport and produce product. We use sustainable farms, with the freshest crops and no herbicides or icky chemicals.

We want to help the world change the way it eats. And we love people who feel the same. That’s why we’re so excited to see others build health-conscious and totally innovative paths, like the Netherlands!

Taking Sustainable to a New Level

According to National Geographic, Netherlands is the world’s second biggest exporter of food, when measured by value (right behind the US). Considering the area of land in Netherlands(compared to the US, which has 270 times its landmass), that’s superbly impressive.

Netherlands’ expansive and innovative agriculture industry may be related to their national commitment made almost two decades ago. The Dutch vowed to produce “twice as much food” using only “half as as many resources.”

That’s a pretty hefty order, but they’re serving it pretty well. Let’s think think about. National Geographic reports that Netherlands produces more than a third of all global trade in vegetable seeds; however, they’re still burning up less resources than the rest of the world, including the US. For example, the US 2010 water footprint in means of tomato production sat at 15.2 gallons per pound compared to Netherlands with only 1.1 gallons per pound.

Plus, some of the farmers are dedicated to not using harmful pesticides. Instead, Dutch farmers have opted for more natural routes of curbing insect infestation through research and experimentation. National Geographic reports that even Dutch poultry and livestock producers nixed their use of antibiotics by 60% since 2009.

Looking Towards a Sustainable Future

Some farmers have even taken sustainability to an even higher level by using the discarded pieces of crops in different ways. Some of it may be converted to fertilizer, but other scraps like old vines, can be processed to make packaging crates.

Netherlands is a prime of example of pushing forward for the better of the world. It’s inspiring to see a power like that. At Purium. this is the kind of spirit that we strive for. We hope that one day, more companies and even countries work towards the same sustainable future.


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