Being a Woman: A Unique Health Experience


Health is important for every human being, but it’s important to be aware of the concerns that are genetically specific to you. In the spirit of National Women’s History Month, we’re taking this opportunity to emphasize the importance of preventative healthcare for women.

General Check-Ups

Generally, women are encouraged to have routine and general examinations for cholesterol, overall wellness, vision, blood pressure, etc. However, depending on her age, all females are recommended to have other recurring tests as well:

    • Mammogram (every 1-2 years starting between ages 40 and 50)
    • Clinical Breast exam (about every 3 years for women in their 20’s-30’s and every year for women 40 and up)
    • Pap and HPV (human papillomavirus) test (every three years for women aged 21 to 29, and every 3 to 5 years for women 30 to 65)
    • Bone density tests for osteoporosis (postmenopausal)
A Unique Experience

According to health studies, women are also more likely to suffer from some specific diseases, when compared to men’s overall likelihood. In fact, the National Institute of Heath’s (NIH) Child Health and Human Development department reports that:

  • Women are more likely to die following a heart attack than men.
  • Effects of sexually transmitted diseases can be more serious in women.
  • Osteoarthritis affects more women than men.
  • Women are more likely to have urinary tract problems.

The NIH also reports that more women suffer from strokes yearly, compared to men. While some stroke factors are shared between women and men, women face a few more. These factors include pregnancy, birth control pills and hormone therapy (such as therapy to relieve menopausal symptoms).

A slew of health issues are specific to women. Most fall under the category of gynecological health and disorders, pregnancy issues, infertility and ovarian and cervical cancers (to name only a few).

Women are truly powerful to be able to withstand all of that!

Heart Issues

Women’s heart health is of special concern. According to a report by the American Heart Association, women tend to experience lesser-known and more minute symptoms when compared to male adults aged 55 and younger.

This makes it easier for women to overlook heart attack symptoms, increasing the risk of heart-related complications and even death. It’s important to pay attention to symptoms of heart attack, which may include (but is not limited to): chest pain,  shortness of breath, arrhythmia or abnormal heartbeat or pain shooting in the arms.

A Unique Superfoods Approach

Women face unique issues, so we’ve made a unique pack of superfoods, especially beneficial for women! Inspired by UNIFY and Sisterhood Circles, we’ve created the Global Sisterhood Pack for women saving the world one person at a time!

The pack includes:

  • Women’s Defense: To naturally assist the built-in defense’s of a woman’s body, and support blood glucose levels and vitality
  • Apothe-Cherry: To support melatonin production and balance circadian rhythm
  • Green Spectrum: To support increased immune system function with concentrated veggies
  • Shaker Bottle: To mix your drinks, of course
  • CHILL Spray: To help reduce stress on demand and promote relaxation

Keep going strong, ladies!

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