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Welcome back! We’re excited to shed some light on a few popular products like Apothe-Cherry and Super CleansR. Let’s dive in!

I’m currently using Apothe-Cherry, but I’m still having trouble sleeping. Can I have more advice on how to get better sleep? 

There are a few different reasons why we can’t sleep. Here are a handful of them with some tidbits of advice:

  • Liver detoxification – Our liver detoxes overnight and that can affect our sleep. Having a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice added first thing in the morning can help our liver during that process. A warm bath before bed is also helpful.
  • Inner chatter – It’s not easy to close our minds off when it’s time to sleep. In a dark, quiet room, all we have left is our thoughts and sometimes they run a mile a minute. You can help quiet that chatter by taking a pen to paper. Sometimes writing our thoughts before bed helps us fall asleep quickly and sleep more serenely. You might also try to do a sort of meditation. Hold your breath and hold your arms in the air. Then, let your breath out and let your arms fall to your side. Something about doing that takes some of the oxygen out of your brain and helps you to relax.
  • Krebs cycle (sodium potassium pump) – If you have too much potassium in your body, your muscles will be firing and you won’t be able to relax. During the Krebs cycle, potassium enters cells in the morning, giving you the energy you need in the daytime. Sodium helps you push potassium out of your cells,which can then help you sink into bed and go to sleep at night. If this process is not regulated though, you could have a harder time falling asleep. To avoid messing with this regulation, make sure you are getting enough sodium during the day by taking Super Lytes or adding sea salt to flex foods. If you’re on a cleanse or Transformation, avoid bananas and potatoes in the morning because it can affect regulation.
  • Lack of melatonin – Lack of melatonin production can lead to restlessness at night. By the 3rd or 4th time you are taking Apothe-Cherry, that should be supported.
  • Exhaustion before bed – Some people will make themselves tired before bed by doing activities. You won’t want to workout right before bed though, because that might keep you energized to stay up! Instead, perform another activity that can make you cool down and mellow you out, like reading or meditation.

Is the Apothe-Cherry bottled in a nut-free facility?
We cannot say that we are completely “nut-free,” because a truck that carries our shipment of ingredients may also carry nuts at some point. However, even though we cannot guarantee that at this time, we can tell you WHICH nuts: slivered almonds, walnuts, coconuts and hazelnut flavor. We can also assure you that the machines are cleaned and flushed before use. The cherries are also washed before use. The manufacturing staff follows every precaution to avoid any cross contamination.

What is the difference between Super Lytes and Ionic Elements?
Super Lytes are very specific in their purpose–their job is to re-hydrate you and ensure that your Kreb’s cycle functions properly, which is especially good for athletes or for during a cleanse or Transformation. They help rehydrate you so you don’t get constipated and they help you sweat properly. Super Lytes should be taken as per the directions, but you can also take a little bit less if you find you are retaining water or if you’re using sea salt in your flex foods and meals. Sodium is vitally important to maintain your blood pressure level, your Kreb’s cycle and the peristaltic action of your body.

If you are somebody that works out a lot or has a solid sodium source in your diet, you might find that your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level due to lack of salt during a Cleanse or Transformation. Super Lytes is a designer salt pill that can help with that.

Ionic Elements was originally used for the Transformation, but it’s not as efficient as the Super Lytes. Though, it still is an amazing extract, with fulvic acid and trace minerals. Super Lytes is just better suited for the Transformation, compared to Ionic Elements.

What is the difference between the Daily Fiber Blend and the Super CleansR?

When designing the Transformation, there needed to be a product that could help regulate fiber, so Daily Fiber Blend was added on. But in the first Transformation packages, we learned that not only were the Ionic Elements not efficient enough, but the Daily Fiber Blend was not either. The problem was that there was so much to consume! In a Transformation, you have a certain amount of water you need to drink, and Apothe-Cherry and Power Shakes…the list was too extensive for some people. Because of this, they would neglect taking Daily Fiber Blend, because it was just becoming another liquid/shake they needed to take. We are always listening to our consumers and saw this area as a place to improve.

We worked hard, did our research, and finally came up with Super CleansR. The Super CleansR is NOT the same as Daily Fiber Blend. It should be used for only 10 days. If you have loose stools, you can reduce use by one capsule. It’s that simple. The Super CleansR helps provide deep cleansing, stimulation and elimination of deeply embedded toxins and parasites. You can repeat Super CleansR after 20 days of latency. In a 40-Day plan, it is used in the first and last 10 days.

Daily Fiber Blend is just as it sounds–fiber for every day! You can use this for daily support or in between Super CleansR sessions. When the Transformation is over, it’s great to add that in to your regimen to keep you regular and your bowel healthy throughout the year.

Daily Fiber Blend can be taken daily with the Powershake for optimal weight loss. This is because Daily Fiber Blend’s key ingredient, “Rice Bran Fiber,” naturally increases adiponectin (also known as the “skinny hormone”). This can help burn fat more efficiently.

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  1. The Apothe-Cherry ingredients says Sour/Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate yet on the order page it says “Contains melatonin, which may help balance circadian rhythms for proper sleep.

    Is melatonin an added ingredient? If it is why isn’t in the ingredient label? If it is added what is the quantity in mg?

    I like the product. I feel like I get a more sound deeper sleep. But my concern is adding melatonin to my diet may make my body’s production of melatonin decrease. I have read other studies about melatonin supplementation and to be careful not to add too much or your body will stop producing it naturally.

    Any one know anything about this?

    1. Excellent question, Kim! Tart cherries are a food that have naturally-occurring melatonin in them (like bananas!). They have a high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value plus a wide variety of antioxidants and phyto chemicals. Feel free to call to get more details (888) 747-6733!

  2. Hi Sonya! Ingredients for Super CleansR are Black Walnut Hull, Marshmallow Root, Clove, Wormwood, Amalaki, Cascara Sagrada Bark and Senna Leaf.

    Other Ingredients: Cellulose Capsule

    Feel free to call Customer Service for more details! (888) 747-6733

  3. Hi there

    I have two bottles of Apothecherry concentrate that are UNOPENED but expired Oct 2016…is this a definite no no to use and then refrigerate?

    1. Many times, a product just loses it’s potency once it expires, but give us a call to get details about expiration dates – (888) 747-6733

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