FAQs: Life After the 10-Day & 40-Day Plans


Welcome back to another round of FAQs. Whether you’ve done a 10-Day or 40-Day plan or not (*dun, dun, dun*), many people don’t realize that the most important part comes AFTER the cleanse. Don’t be intimidated, the biggest challenge is taking the first step!

I followed a Purium program, why didn’t I lose weight?
Here’s the thing, your body puts weight on for different reasons and this answer will depend on each person individually. Here are two popular reasons.

  • Stress: For one thing, stress inhibits weight loss. If you are anxious about losing weight, that can take a toll on your body and delay your progress. Daily stress can even cause you to “cheat” more on your plan or even cause changes to your digestive and metabolic systems.
  • Muscle gain: It is possible that you have gained muscle, depending on the plan you have chosen. This might be the case for athletic packs. Weight is not solely dependent on fat. In this case you could have lost fat, but gained muscle that raised the number on your scale.

One thing to remember is that our main goal is to help you embrace healthy living. Weight loss is going to depend on your body and it may just be the icing on the healthy-living cake (the only one you can always splurge on). Of course, we supply average results that our Customers have experienced, like 12 pounds for a 10-Day Transformation. Yet remember, that does not mean you will lose 12 pounds. Weight loss is not always guaranteed–one thing we can guarantee: our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied, feel free to take advantage (see the policy for requirements and more detail)!

Don’t forget, weight loss isn’t the only marker of healthy living. If you feel good and healthier (better than you were before), that’s pretty fantastic.

My program is over. Now, what do I eat?! 
The best answer to this question is a combination of quality whole foods and Purium superfoods!

We have so many amazing recipes on Facebook, in our guides and on our website. More importantly, you can use our recommended Flex Foods (the same one you used on your plan) & Lifestyle Meals that offer you the wonders of carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, proteins, spices, cooking oils and everything you need to create satisfying meals. The list has something for vegans, vegetarians, kids, meat-eaters and everyone else too! There are endless meal options, all you have to do is decide what you want and cook it up!

NOTE: After a Transformation, it might be hard for some to transition back to eating. You can start out having 1 meal a day (maybe dinner) and keep using Purium products (it can be less often as you did during a Transformation). When you’re ready, add another small meal. Some people find that with 1 small meal, 1 larger meal and Purium products, they are in the perfect groove of eating.

Which products should I continue with after the 10-day Transformation and how should I use them?

The answer, like most others, depends on you. Chances are that you’re going to love the Power Shake after a Transformation, but you could also try the L.O.V. Super Meal or an MVP Sport (Chocolate or Vanilla). You’ll want to work in other forms of green superfoods, too. Many people love to use Super Amino 23, even after a Transformation. Or, try something new like Can’t BEET This! A Transformation is just a small taste of what the Purium lifestyle has to offer. Peruse the Purium website for products, you never know what might become your new favorite go-to!


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