FAQ: Flex Foods and Lifestyle Meals


Welcome back to our FAQ series. Today’s installment concerns one of our favorite things in the world: FOOD. If you’ve ever had questions about food, drinks, Flex Foods and Lifestyle Meals, and how these affect each Purium program, read on!

What’s the difference between a Flex Food and a Lifestyle Meal? 

Think of Flex Foods as snacks and Lifestyle Meals as, well – meals.

  • Flex Foods are organic, super fruits and vegetables.
  • Lifestyle Meals are 300-calorie meals comprised plants and can include lean animal protein, if that’s what is good for your body!

Why aren’t bananas or starchy vegetables advised on 10-Day Transformations?

Bananas are not conducive to weight loss. Bananas can cause constipation for some people while on the cleanse. They can also turn into a carbohydrate and become sticky, which is not great for a cleanse. Though, bananas in the morning are pretty good when you’re not on a Cleanse. When they are ripe and in season, they can be good for you; however, when under ripe or outside of season they, are not as good for you.

Can I have more than 1 Flex Food at a time during the 10-Day Immersion / Acceleration?

There may be 2 ways to answer this one:

1: Yes, you can definitely combine multiple Flex Foods together to create one dish, but depending on how much you use of each Flex Food, it may make up more than 1 serving. For instance, you can make a “salad” with 1/2 cup of spinach, 1/2 avocado and a chopped cucumber (with lemon or vinegar, salt, pepper, or herbs) – but this will be 2 Flex Food servings for one dish.

2: At the end of the day, the Flex Foods should be your best friends. While 3 servings are the baseline, this is YOUR cleanse and you are in control. If you find the 10-Day Acceleration too challenging, you may want to try the non-accelerated schedule where you eat one healthy Lifestyle Meal every day for 30 days.

Can I use balsamic vinaigrette or olive oil on my flex food?

While we encourage you to only stick to our Tropic Oil (ie., Coconut Oil), we also believe in modifications. If you do opt to go this route, use a very light amount of virgin, raw organic olive oil. Vinegar may also help you feel full and suppress appetite. ALSO – have you ever tried a little bit of Apothe-Cherry as dressing? If not, you are missing out on delicious nutrition!

How are exercise and Lifestyle Meals related? What does a Lifestyle Meal look like? 

For every half hour of exercise, you can have 1 Lifestyle Meal of 300 calories. If you are working out hard, that is the calorie offset. If you are not working out hard, maybe just have 150 calories. What the calories will look like will depend on the food. It could be a small amount of chicken and rice or just one cup of yogurt.

Does the Power Shake count as a Flex Beverages?

The Power Shake isn’t technically considered a Flex serving, but if you need it, go for it.

**Which Purium products can be used as Flex Beverages?**

Organic Kamut Blend, Organic Barley Juice, Green Spectrum and More Greens, are all fine.

Does the water in the Power Shake count towards my water needs that day, why or why not?

The answer depends on you. We encourage you to use less water in your drinks (unless you need it), so that your sole intake will be pure water. Every day, the schedule encourages you to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. Even too much of a good thing can be bad, though and too much water can lead to bloating. In this case, feel free to reduce water levels in your Power Shake.

What are the natural flavors in Purium products? Should I be concerned with how those calories affect Lifestyle Meals? 

Seeing “natural flavorings” on the labels might confuse you or even cause you to raise your eyebrows. But, no need to worry. Our natural flavorings are 100% plant derived. There’s no animal parts, no anal glands from beavers (gross!), no beetle shells or anything like that. Our flavors are never derived from weird chemicals. 100% of our flavorings are 100% plant derived, extracted from a bark or a root, oil or even a leaf.

To get flavor profiles, there are different things you do to plant parts, like use their enzymes. We get these through different processes that may include:

  • extraction
  • roasting
  • boiling
  • compounding
  • grinding

Our natural flavors never contain anything that isn’t amazing–no MSG, GMOs or anything like that. We wouldn’t do that to you! They do not affect your Lifestyle Meals in any way. They are also low-calorie, so fret not!

Stay tuned for more FAQs!



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