Is Your Mood Affected by Sleep?


Have you ever woken up in a bad mood? You try to get to bed earlier, but sleep doesn’t come. You try creating a soothing environment for relaxation with darkness, essential oils and even a sound machine, but your brain won’t buy it. Maybe you even turn off all electronics one hour before bed, but nothing seems to help? And…the bad mood cycle continues with every next night of bad sleep.

At the end of last year, the mobile app Sleep Cycle, analyzed sleeping reports from their users in 2017. What they found tells us a lot about US sleeping patterns, but it can also help us understand how to improve our moods. For starters, American users on average slept at about 11:40 pm with a wake up time of 7:08 am, which is about 7 and 19 minutes. That is just 41 minutes shy of the recommended 8 hours.

While Americans slept for nearly eight hours, the average sleep quality compared to 2016 dropped by 10%! In addition, users reported that their wake up mood decreased by one percent from last year. This goes to show that the amount of hours you sleep doesn’t always correlate with a greater quality of sleep or a better mood when you wake up!

Even further, a better quality of sleep won’t always guarantee a better mood! The study found that millennials – who slept the most and had the best overall sleep quality – still reported waking up with the worst mood. What other factors might affect your mood in the morning?

At risk of sounding like a broken record…FOOD plays a major role.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, lack of sleep can lead to eating more sugars throughout the day. Eating more sugar each day can cause some issues with your gut (discomfort, indigestion, etc.), which in turn can lead to ineffective sleep and a bad in mood in the morning.

It’s a vicious cycle! But we can help!

Let our Good Mood Pack clear away the fog and clouds surrounding your day and help you sleep better!

CHILL spray and Apothe-Cherry can provide relaxation during your day and at night by helping to relax your muscles as well as your mind. Biome Medic helps keep your “second brain” (aka gut) clean and happy, which therefore helps your first brain clear and focused. Lastly, Super Life helps boost your production of testosterone, a natural hormone that naturally boosts spirits and energy. Together, the Good Mood Pack can support healthy responses to physical and psychological stress, leading to overall better mood!

Good luck!

Read more about the Sleep Cycle Study:

Read more about the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition report:





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