Which US States Are the Hangriest?


Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced “hangry” (we have BOTH hands raised!). “Hangry” (hungry + angry) is the fierce rage and anger that can trigger a person of any age to throw a tantrum due to feeling hungry for a prolonged period of time.

Hey, it can happen to the best of us.

The chocolate bar company, Snickers, fittingly conducted a survey that spans across the US to see just what state is the hangriest.

New York landed itself at the top of the list with 72% of its NY participants admitting to getting upset when they are hungry. Other states at the top of that list include Utah, Florida and California. Californian participants reported it only takes 18 minutes of hunger to get them angry!

“Hangry” may sound funny and like a made up issue, but it’s actually a real bodily reaction. Some reasoning behind it:

  • The amount of nutrients circulating in your bloodstream drops after a certain time after eating.
  • If your blood-glucose levels fall low enough, your brain could go into a primal “fight-or-flight” mode and might release certain hormones as a survival response – making it more difficult to concentrate and easier to make mistakes.
  • Your brain releases a chemical called neuropeptide when you’re hungry and that chemical is connected to anger.

Controlling hunger can be a difficult, especially if you’re watching calories or if you’re really busy. On top of that, the urge to snack is strong between meals, especially when you want to avoid being hangry.

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