Product Recipe: Beet-Berry Smoothie


Beets are a trending superfood (and for good reason!), for an array of reasons. One specifically is that it supports athletes, fitness buffs and anyone who participates in strenuous activity. Thanks to beet juice being loaded with (good) carbohydrates and rich in nitrates, it is the perfect food to eat before any high-intensity routine, from laborious work to a mean workout.  The nitrates may increase blood flow for those hard-working muscles which can help boost endurance and lessen fatigue. The problem is, beets aren’t the easiest or most convenient food to eat…especially on the-go! This is why we made Can’t Beet This! that is delicious even if you just add water. But, you can take it to the next level and make into a beet-berry smoothie.

Beet-Berry Smoothie

1 scoop Can’t Beet This!
1/2 cup frozen organic blueberries
1 cup frozen organic strawberries
1 small organic orange, peeled and de-seeded
8 ounces organic nut milk

Blend and enjoy 30-60 minutes before a workout or when you just need a little boost!




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