Back to School Lunch Envy


It’s that time of year again! Morning routines are in full swing, including packing lunches (props to anyone who does it the night before!).

The BIG 3 Questions:

  1. What does my child want to eat?
  2. What do we actually have in the fridge or pantry?
  3. Is it healthy?

While lunch can often be an afterthought for you, it’s a big deal for kids. It’s totally normal for kids to compare what they have to everyone else. Sure, you can’t control what their friends eat for lunch, BUT you can compete with “food envy.”

  • Ask them what they want – What is their guilty pleasure food? Make a delicious alternative!
  • Add Color – Kids like flashy things and bright colors are alluring, like red bell pepper or green kiwi.
  • Dipping Fun – Fruits and veggies are more fun (and tastier) with a little dip, like almond butter, organic honey, organic (vegan) ranch, etc.
  • Make it Easy to Eat – Finger food is convenient and quick. Try organic whole wheat tortilla wraps instead of the traditional sandwich.
  • Pack a lot of fruit – Fruit is nature’s candy without the artificial colors, flavors, and added sugars.
  • Include a “real” treat – A homemade organic granola bar or a Kids MVP brownie are extra special desserts that they can eat once a day!

Another way to combat food envy for unhealthy lunch boxes, is to talk about it with your kids. Explain why cookies, crackers, gummy bears, white bread sandwiches and etc. aren’t good for their bodies or their brains. Teach them about the benefits of organic apple slices with almond butter, organic quinoa with grilled organic chicken and organic Kids MVP brownies. Maybe instead of your child saying “it’s not fair” or “that’s what everyone else has,” they will share your ideas with their friends at lunch and make good choices on their own!

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