Pure + Premium: Core Values


Before Co-founders Dave Sandoval and Amy Venner-Hamdi grew Purium into what it is today, they wanted to ensure that their business would be rooted in a commitment to high-quality standards. While formulating and producing pure and premium products was one of those commitments, Dave and Amy wanted to bring a superior level of attention to every aspect of their business.

Together, they created 6 Core Values: Quality, Customer Oriented, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect, and Teamwork. Not only are these Core Values on display throughout their offices and warehouse, but each value is used daily to make all kinds of decisions in every department from Accounting to Manufacturing.

Core Value No. 1: Quality – Upholding the highest standards.

Core Value No. 2: Customer Oriented – Doing whatever is reasonably possible to please our customers.

Core Value No. 3: Integrity – Keeping promises and not compromising.

Core Value No. 4: Responsibility – Owning our behaviors and decisions.

Core Value No. 5: Respect – Appreciating views from all perspectives.

Core Value No. 6: Teamwork – Working together to achieve common goals.


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