The Skinny Hormone


The “H” word, aka hormone, gets a bad wrap. It’s infamy as the number one cause for teenage antics and new moms feeling a flood of emotions has made a lot of people use the word in a negative way. However, these chemical messengers of our bodies can actually work more in our favor as opposed to against us. Especially, when it comes to losing weight.

One fat-burning, gland-produced chemical in particular is called adiponectin. We like to call it the “Skinny Hormone” because new research has been revealed to prove that it may be the missing link for anyone who struggles to lose weight. This collagen-like protein signals the body to use fat as energy to power the body, aka burning the fat. Yet the problem is that for anyone who isn’t already lean, adiponectin isn’t frequently produced. So, if you have a few extra pounds, this “Skinny Hormone” isn’t converting stored fat into glucose to fuel your cells.

The good news though is that there is a way you can up production, no matter what your weight is! Since the hormone regulates metabolism and glucose levels, a study has shown that 20 grams of Rice Bran a day increases adiponectin levels for larger body types.

This is fantastic news for Purium, considering that the combination of our Power Shake Apple-Berry and Daily Fiber provides the 20 grams of Rice Bran to increase the production of adiponectin.

Here are some more facts about this “Skinny Hormone”:

  • Discovered in 1995
  • May improve heart disease and metabolic disorders
  • May boost metabolism without affecting appetite
  • May reduces blood glucose levels and glucose production in the liver
  • May increase the uptake of nutrients into muscles, while limiting the uptake into fat tissue
  • May increase FFA release from fat cells, while increasing it’s burning in muscular tissue
  • May increase number of mitochondria and their efficiency to energize cells



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