Mind Games: Dieting Vs. Lifestyle


So many mind games are played when it comes to eating, which can be a good thing…and bad thing.

For instance, the word diet. It’s a limiting word. Since it is a temporary practice, making healthy choices for yourself become limited. In turn, your mind makes a limiting commitment. There’s a mental light at the end of the tunnel for dieters who coach themselves with mantras like, “In just 10 days, I’ll be able to eat whatever I want, again.”

However, this mental game limits your results.

Why keep good, healthy decisions on such a leash? Why not keep a leash on the food that is limiting your body’s full potential.

If you replace the word diet with lifestyle, your mind makes a switch. Lifestyle implies healthy stability on a daily basis, without an expiration date.

Considering this little shift in your mind may create a huge shift in eating habits, it could induce a tinge of anxiety too. That is why devising a plan for the transition can be a key to your success. Not only will it make you feel confident and ready to commit to this lifestyle, it will alleviate anxiety connected to change. So, before you begin grieving the loss of nightly dessert or hamburgers, here are few things that could help!

  • What are your guilty pleasures? Chances are there is a healthy alternative for anything “bad”. So, do some investigating and do some taste testing, I’m sure you will find a guiltless way to satisfy that craving.
  • Dining out on a diet, can be depressing. But dining out on a lifestyle can be a treat. Substitutes like avocado or roasted veggies dipped in mustard, can feel like clean, satisfying bonuses. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your server questions about the menu, many restaurants have alternatives for you!
  • Coffee, energy drinks and/or soda are some of the hardest habits to kick. However, what’s your addiction to them? The taste, temperature and/or the energizing boost? Alternatives like tea or  flavored sparkling water with fresh fruit are great substitutes. And, if you need some natural energy…White American Ginseng.
  • Activities can trigger cravings. Going to a movie theater might stir up the urge to eat popcorn or candy. However, it’s good to practice willpower in these moments. After a few times of doing it, you’ll eliminate the trigger all together!
  • Purium has a Core3 Lifestyle plan that gives a foundation for your healthy day-to-day plan. Plus, all kinds of products to ensure your body is receiving the fruit, greens and protein it needs every day!


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