What Does Soda Do To The Body?


We all know at least one person who LOVES soda. They just can’t get enough of the bubbly, sugary, chemical-filled drink.

Below are a few facts that can help convince those loved ones to give it up for good. A few may listen, some may not and one might even quit and endure withdrawal symptoms like headaches, fatigue and/or nausea.

Regardless of the outcome, these are the simple truths:

1. High acid and sugar content


The large amount of acid and sugar in sodas erode the enamel on your teeth which can lead to more cavities. The high sugar content also contributes to possible diabetes.

2. Your brain will crave it


After just one can you will have consumed approximately 46g of sugar causing your tongue receptors to send a message to your brain asking for more!

3. Weight gain


Not only are you consuming an excessive amount of sugar, you are also consuming empty calories which can lead to major weight gain. In fact, if you drink one can of soda a day for one week, that is about an extra 1,000 calories a week!

4. Increased risk of Chronic Heart Disease


A Harvard University study found that people who drink only one can of soda per day dramatically increase their risk of Chronic Heart Disease as well as other chronic diseases.

There are several healthy alternatives to soda to enjoy the flavorful without the toxins! Try these instead:

  • DIY Flavored Water: Use purified water and organic fruits or an all-natural carbonated water with organic fruits. This will add color and flavor to your drink while providing your body with hydration and fruit nutrition.
  • Tea. Iced or hot tea is a great alternative because it has a bold flavor and is made of natural herbs!
  • Purium green drink! Pick your favorite and get hydrated while fueling your body with all the good greens!


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