Relaxing Sleep Amid Summer Thrills


Though summer is a favorite time of year for many, it’s not known as a season of sleep.

Loading up 3 months worth of travel plans, hikes, swimming and outdoor fun, surely keeps energy levels high. Add in lots of socializing and holiday parties and that list alone could induce drowsy eyes and a tired heart.

Here are some ideas that may help to obtain the deep rest that bodies, minds and souls need to handle the abundance of summer life.

Nightly tips:

  • Melatonin: Take a small dose of this all natural supplement as a safe alternative to prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids.
  • Lavender: This aromatic herb can work like magic in calming nerves and comes in a variety of form: essential oil, supplement, lotion, scented candle or freshly cut from the garden.
  • Stretch: Unwind with some bending and lengthening movements to increase blood oxygen levels and relax muscles.
  • Warm Bath (or shower): Two naturally calming elements, warmth and water, relax tense muscles and provide a moment of serenity after a long day.
  • Massage: Rub lavender lotion or oil on your shoulders or neck, and massage away the stress knots.
  • Routine: Doing the same thing, every night before bed helps to create balance, which gives a healthy peace of mind.


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