Staying Healthy While Traveling


Whether you are headed to LEAP Convention or just taking an end-of-Summer trip…you need a ‘plan’ for sticking to your health regimen while on the road.

Fortunately for you, Purium makes it easy to travel!  Take your shake and supplements in a Pro-Stak Blender Bottle so you can power up on the fly!  And here are a few more tips to sticking to your healthy lifestyle:

  • Stay hydrated

Bring a reusable water bottle to fill up and take with you everywhere. Staying hydrated is extremely important in this summer heat and will keep your immune system working well!

  • Keep snacks handy

Keep a few organic apples, bananas, and trail mix in your bag or pocket for an easy snack to keep you from buying something extra that you don’t need.

  • Commit to at least one green drink each day

Don’t forget your Purium green drink when you’re packing! This will be the easiest way for you to get your greens in every day even if you fall off the health bandwagon otherwise.

  • Explore places by foot

Walk as much as possible. Take the stairs instead of the elevators, go on a nice morning hike, or take advantage of the fitness centers in hotels.

  • Go grocery shopping

Instead of going out to eat for every meal, go grocery shopping when you get to your destination. This way you can have homemade meals/snacks made exactly the way you want it.

Going on vacation shouldn’t be a hassle. You want to have the most fun as possible and be able to relax so making it easy to stay on track is very important.


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