Don’t Let Your Scale Shame You


Summer is here and after committing to healthier eating habits and regular workout routines, those numbers on the scale have barely budged. Despite your waist feeling smaller, you feel discouraged. Well, we’re here to tell you why you shouldn’t!

Instead, focus on:

  • Energy level

When you start providing your body with proper nutrition and regular exercise, it will return the favor by giving you large doses of energy (and happiness).

  •   Confidence

Feeling healthier and stronger instills a sense of self-pride in oneself. This positive, inward perspective can brighten our outward glow.

  •  Clothes fit better

Just because the scale says that you barely lost pounds, it doesn’t mean you didn’t lose anything! Chances are, you’re building muscle, that is leaner but weighs more than fat. Listen to your clothes, rather than the scale.

  •   Cravings subside

When you get into the flow of a healthy lifestyle and exercise, it’s easier to say “no” to sweets. Consistency is key to real weight loss, so continue making your go-to dessert that homemade organic watermelon sorbet!
If your healthy lifestyle started with and/or includes a Purium 10-Day Transformation (Athlete or Traditional) then you are likely to experience most of the above. Maybe you’ll be on the lower end of pounds lost but you’ll be soaring high in energy, self-confidence, happiness and an overall healthier you!


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