Let Freedom Ring: Healthy Snackin’ For Independence Day


This Monday, we celebrate Independence Day with family, fireworks, fairs and food!

While you gather this weekend, with families and friends and red, white, and blue decorations, why not make this an opportunity to showcase your delicious, creative and healthy ways? You can stick to your lifestyle and inspire others with these 4 Fourth of July snacks:


  1. Fruit kabobs

Make kabobs with strawberries, banana slices, and blueberries. The perfect red, white, and blue treat!


  1. Grilled veggies

Grilling is quite popular for summer holidays, like this one. Throw some organic veggies on the grill with Purium’s Organic Tropic Oil, some seasonings and call it good! Make sure to get some red bell peppers, white cauliflower, and purple cabbage (close enough to blue, right?) to make it festive!


  1. Watermelon and cherry sorbet

Cool down with this homemade, red treat! Blend frozen watermelon pieces with a tablespoon of Purium’s Apothe-Cherry and a tablespoon organic honey to enjoy immediately.


  1. Patriotic parfaits

Layer organic Greek yogurt (or your favorite organic non-dairy yogurt) with raspberries, strawberries and blueberries in a clear glass cup.
Enjoy the holiday and be safe!


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