Success Story: Randy Zwetzig – A Painful Bladder And Sleepless Nights


I had an embarrassing secret. Whenever I felt nature calling, the signal to urinate was very sudden and sharp and I had to find a bathroom immediately.  This problem was irritating and, often made me feel very awkward, especially when I had to get up during movies with my family, had to find camouflage during rounds of golf, or had to get up multiple times during airplane flights.

Already a proud Purium member due to my great success from the 10-day Transformation and committed to becoming a Purium Health Products Professor, I knew that naturopathic medicine could help the body work wonders. But I was unsure what to do.

Enter David Sandoval.

Studying at the David Sandoval Academy of Learning* meant I was fortunate to spend long hours learning from the man himself. One of the most important things I learned from David was that our bodies need a minimum of two hours of uninterrupted Deep Sleep to “program” certain healing processes. In order to gain Deep Sleep we must go through REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep prior to and after Deep Sleep. Waking up every two hours “to go” was NOT allowing me enough time to achieve the prerequisite two-hours of continuous Deep Sleep that would heal my body. As a result, I was tired, groggy and lacked the energy that I once enjoyed. And, even worse, the lack of Deep Sleep was accelerating my aging and potentially weakening my defenses against illness and disease.

It wasn’t until I was one of Purium’s intensive multi-day training sessions, when I had to sleep in one of the famous teepees on his Native Springs Oasis in the Mojave Desert of California, that I brought my little secret to David’s attention. As you probably know, teepees don’t have their own restrooms and the fall desert temperatures had dropped so low that it snowed one night. After a few nights of getting up frequently, putting on my shoes and walking to the freezing restroom it quickly became a pain in the “you know what.” Desperate but sheepishly, I shared my situation with David. He asked if I knew the time intervals between my urges to urinate – I didn’t.

Once I logged my urges and reported back with my findings, David was very confident that Men’s Defense would help me.  He said to take one bottle at three times the recommended rate on the label. Taking this greater amount of product is referred to as a “Loading Dose.” He advised me to expect an improvement in just four days. After consuming the first bottle at the “Loading Dose” rate, David recommended taking Men’s Defense daily at the label rate. Though I was skeptical, my great past results with Purium’s 10-Day Transformation Cleanse encouraged me to order two bottles of Men’s Defense that very day.

I took Men’s Defense three times the label amount (or 6 capsules per day, 2 with my morning green drink, 2 during lunch or green drink, 2 with dinner). I happened to be on vacation with my family as I was recording my urination cycles, bemusing my wife and three daughters as I asked them the time so I could enter it in my log. On the third day, I was urinating even more frequently than before I started taking Men’s Defense. I thought, “Either this product doesn’t work OR, it is working and my body is eliminating harmful items.”

Much to my relief, the 4th day brought significant progress that continued each day and by the 10th day of Men’s Defense I was enjoying 3.5 to 5.0 hours of continuous sleep every night. I was so happy that I kept bragging about my “performance” to my family who quickly became tired of hearing about it.

After consuming the first bottle, which lasted 10 days at the 3X label rate, I was concerned about dropping so quickly to the label rate and opted to “lock in” the results by consuming the next bottle at 2X the label rate. My “performance” improved even more.

Today, I consume the label rate of two capsules per day and typically enjoy 5.0 to 6.0 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. I feel much more rested and energetic without those horrible sharp urges to urinate. And best of all, I can watch the entire finale of the Hunger Games without having to take a break (about 3 hours)! To say that I am “happy” is an understatement!

While learned not to share quite so much with my family, I can’t wait to tell my medical doctor about the fantastic results.

Thank you David Sandoval and Purium Health Products!

PS: I wrote this testimonial without taking a restroom break, while enjoying a cup of coffee and flying from Denver to Seattle, a 2.5 hour flight (not including the 30-minute boarding time).

*Formerly known as PHP Academy



  1. As a result of following the 10 Day Total Transformation, my painful bladder/urination problem that has plagued me for 3 years is gone. I was prescribed numerous antibiotics over the past several years and was told my symptoms were a result of a urinary tract infection. There was no relief and I stopped talking about the problem and secretly believed I had the beginnings of bladder cancer. I am not a fan of doctors and settled in, waiting for my demise.

    All of my bladder problems are gone. I no longer have burning, pain, frequent urination and bloating. In fact, until I saw this article today, I had completely forgotten about the problem .
    The 10-Day Total Transformation is well worth the money and effort. I am now a frequent buyer and have introduced 3 friends to the Purium way of life. It truly is life-changing.

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