School’s Out!


The last school bell rang for the school year and your kids ran out to your car excited to be done for a few months! They are ready to have play dates with their friends, go swimming, watch TV, sleep in, and go on trips! But wait, three months of no school? How will you fill up all of that time with your kids? Do you have a babysitter for the days that you have to work? What about that Summer Camp they wanted to go to… is it too late to sign them up for that?

Don’t worry. Here’s a list of Summer activities to make the Summer fun and easy for everyone in the family:

  1. Swimming

You had to see that one coming. Whether you have a pool and invite your kids’ friends over or if you go to a public pool, this is a perfect Summer activity to get the kids moving and outside. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

2. Camp in your backyard

Choose a night where you can leave all electronics inside the house and bring out the board games instead. Set up a tent and spend time telling stories and playing games with your family in your own backyard. Make sure to pack all the food with you so the only reason you’ll need to go inside would be to use the restroom!

3. Summer Camps

Nearly everywhere has a Summer Camp program nowadays! Whether your kid is an athlete or a science enthusiast, there is something perfect for them. Look in your area and sign your kid up for one week of their preferred Summer camp for a little variety.

4. Learn something new

These three months can be fun and educational! Sign your kid up to learn a new instrument, new sport, or working towards learning a new language. Keep their brains working in a fun and different way.

5. Volunteer work

Teach your kids the importance of helping out others by taking them to volunteer once a week at a homeless food shelter, donating their clothes to the needy, or picking up trash on the beach. This is also a great bonding time for the family.

6. Cook together

Decide on a meal that you and your children would like to cook together. You can either make a fun trip to the grocery store with their help picking stuff out or look in your pantry and decide on the meal from what you already have! Now, put on some music and begin the cooking. It is sure to be messier than normal when cooking with kids but totally worth it because they will be staying out of trouble, having fun, and spending time with you. This is also a great learning time for them to see how healthy meals are made!




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