Avoid Being a Slave to the Scale


A friend the other day lamented that they had been working out and eating cleanly but they

noticed that the scale was going up instead of down. They said, “My clothes seem to be fitting

better, my energy is up…but I am gaining weight! I thought I was trimming down…I am so


I was like, “Wait, don’t you hear all the good things you said? You feel great, your clothes are

fitting better! Isn’t that the real goal?”

“I know, but I just thought the number would go down…”

Therein lies the dilemma…aiming for true health but getting caught up in society’s obsession

with numbers. Are you this person? A slave to the scale, a slave to the numbers…do you count

calories feverishly without counting nutrients? Do you base your health on pounds lost instead

of gauging your health by the way your body feels?

Yes, the scale can tell some of the story of a rapid weight gain or weight loss but it will NEVER

tell you the full story. As nutrition expert David Sandoval say, “It’s about the inches not the

pounds!” Another important aspect to remember is that muscle weighs more than fat. If you lose

fat but gain even more muscle, the scale will go up…but it will be for a great reason as opposed

to an alarming one! This need for the scale to say something in particular brings so many

people to the point of obsession that we end up losing sight of the true goal…to be healthy and

to look and feel great. Nutrition by the numbers is simply not practical or effective.

David goes on to say, “Between tightening up, reducing inflammation, reducing impacted bowel

matter, and getting rid of excess water weight, losing 2 lbs can easily look like 10 – 15!”

Do not make yourself a prisoner of the scale! Who wants to be treated like a number anyway?

No one that I know! So why do we treat ourselves that way? Don’t be attached to an outcome

that involves a certain number to appear on that scale. As David reminds us, “It is unrealized

expectations that are reason for disappointment…what you really want is to feel better…when

you feel better, you look better. Then everyone who looks at you will think you look better –

because you will be smiling and radiating health.”

FOR EXAMPLE: Dr. Dana McGrady’s Transformation

Dr Dana before and after Transformation

Dana posted this photo on her Facebook page and created a contest. The person who guessed closest to

her weight loss amount would get a FREE container of Purium’s Organic Kamut Blend. Guesses of “10

lbs!” and “8 lbs!” and the like came in…after giving her friends and fans some time to stew over it, Dana

finally weighed in with the real answer.

One and a half lbs.! Yes, 1.5 lbs…how is that possible? Through the last two years, over and

over, I’ve had Transformers that I’ve had to be “rushed” to get on the phone with because they

are not happy with their weight loss. They thought it would be much more by now they see all

the amazing Before & Afters with these HUGE amounts lost so therefore they feel like a failure.

Well, that’s just not the case. Every single person is different. We are all unique. We have to at

some point just trust the process and quit looking at the scale. For me, here are my REAL


Mental clarity – WOW! I can finally think again. I can remember things. I feel like I can get 1000

things accomplished today.

My loose baby belly (after my 9.6 lb. baby was born 1 year ago) tightened back up and I’m back

to my pre-baby shape.

I’m happy! Yes, I was happy before but now I’m ecstatic-in- LOVE-with- my-life- and-my- family-

and-feel-the- BEST-with- my-cells- truly-nourished

My cravings are gone. Vanished. Kaput. Good riddance!

Every single day when the scale wouldn’t budge, I learned a lesson. To breathe and just LET

GO! Let the scale go, the scale doesn’t define me. I’m going to clean out my body, nourish my

cells, and magic is going to happen with the tightening of my skin and muscles.

So every single time YOU have someone that doesn’t think they are losing enough weight,

show them this photo and read them my testimonial. It doesn’t always show on the scale but

PICTURES don’t lie.

This point cannot be stressed enough! It is all about how you feel – and when you feel great,

you can’t help but look great!


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