Spring Cleaning 1-2-3


Winter is gone and the warm Spring weather is here. It is time to put away the Winter clothes, tidy up the house, and get yourself ready for Summer! As we do our annual Spring Cleaning we do a more detailed clean of the house then we ever do. We get the window panels, take out the shelves in the fridge and wash those, scrub in between and behind all the kitchen appliances. We literally get every little crack squeaky clean because we live in this place and we want it to look and feel clean. So why don’t we do this to our body? We live inside this amazing collection of skin, organs, veins, bones, etc. that we need to take good care of. We too often will go on a short health food kick then decide eating a processed donut sounds good and head back down that path. Or we’ll worry about the higher costs of organic and healthy foods now, but will we really have the time and money for medical bills later on because we didn’t take care of our bodies now?

Purium’s 10-Day Transformation is so easy to kick start your body’s Spring Cleaning! It may get your metabolism moving faster, curb cravings and caffeine addictions, and experience the nutrients your body truly needs. And after those 10 days are over, it is easy to continue with your new healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a few tips to make cleaning your body fun and easy:

  1. Sweat it Out

Yoga, a walk, a vigorous bike ride (if you’re doing the athlete’s transformation), or even just relaxing in a sauna. Sweating out toxins and getting some form of exercise is very important for the cleansing process.

2. Homemade Flavored Water

As the weather gets warmer, we need to drink even more water to stay hydrated because we tend to expel more of it through sweat. If you are getting bored of your plain water, try adding pieces of organic fruits, veggies, and herbs like lemons, berries, mint leaves, watermelon, cucumber, ginger, etc. This will not only enhance the flavor but also the nutritional value.

3. Make it a Game

Challenge yourself and do it with a friend or a group of friends! Everything is better when you’re doing it with others who can encourage you to reach your goals and you can do the same for them.




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