5 Ways to Make Mother’s Day Special for Mom


“All I want is to have the day off and to spend it with you.”

That’s what my mom would always say when Mother’s Day came around. This meant that she wanted have a fun and relaxing day with her kids, a little mini reprieve from her every day routine. A mom’s job is tough! Mom’s are the chef, nurse, alarm clock, cheerleader, coach, homework advisor, housekeeper, driver, psychologist, hair and wardrobe stylist, and so much more.  All they ask for as payment is love, so shouldn’t we spoil Mom on her special day?

With Mother’s Day is right around the corner – this Sunday (May 8th) – we thought you might want some creative ideas to give her the special day she deserves:

  1.  Sleeping in

This just means that mom doesn’t have to wake up to an alarm or little kids coming into the room.

2. Breakfast in Bed

If you’re the mom, give subtle hints. The family will pick up on it soon enough and you’ll get your delicious, healthy meal when you wake up. You deserve it!

3. A Clean House

If you just made the breakfast, make sure you clean up after yourself. Let her wake up to a kitchen with no dirty dishes and a vacuumed floor. This will be one of the best things you can do for her.

4. Plan the Day Together

Whether you enjoy hiking, going on a picnic, watching a play at the local theater, etc. do that exactly thing with the family! Gather everyone together and make a full day of plans.

5. Spa Day

Sometimes an at-home experience is the best (and most cost-efficient) way of doing this! At the end of the day, draw a warm bubble bath for the mom with some relaxing music, a good book, and a Purium green drink! Let her stay in there for as long as she wants.


Moms work so hard for their family and love every second of it. She deserves at least one special day!





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