Success Story: Jenny Carter – From Athlete to Super Athlete


Physical competition, whether in team sports or in individual events, is part of my DNA.

While my passion for athletics did not lead me to a spot on a professional team (darn!), I chose a career that enabled me to stay active and involved in sports. I worked many years as a Special Education teacher at the high school level and coached Varsity girls Flag football, and I assisted the boys varsity football team with their strength and conditioning program.

I feel fortunate to be a person who has always instinctively put health and wellness at the center of my life. That instinct has lead me to Purium and ultimately the fulfillment of a dream I didn’t know I had the courage to chase.

I feel like anyone who is a part of the Purium family knows or has heard of Marina. I am lucky to count Marina as one of my close friends. Almost two years ago now, Marina recognized that someone like me who is already into health and fitness might be interested in learning about Purium to increase my performance.

While I had enjoyed teaching and coaching, I had grown increasingly frustrated with the politics of working in a school system and made the decision to further my own education and complete my Masters. I did this while training and competing in Cross Fit competitions. I was definitely approaching a crossroads in my life.

I had just competed with a team in a regional meet and we did very well – we placed in the Top 20!  Shortly after that however I was injured and that is when Marina approached me about Purium. Because of my injury, I could not do my regular weight training, which was mentally very difficult for me. I had been competing for five years so being side-lined from a sport I was so passionate about was very difficult. It was at this same time that the stars all aligned for me and I made the decision to open my own gym.


My roommate and I started our first Transformation together. The first three days were tough but by day five, I was feeling much better – by day seven, I felt great. I know that being an athlete helped my body adjust to the Transformation because by day eight, I was able to do a mini work-out and by day 10, I didn’t even want to stop the cleanse.

I felt really lean and shredded. I was sleeping more soundly than I had in years and I know this is a testament to the power of the aminos and the green drinks.

Two days after my cleanse, I hit my personal best for Clean and Jerk – that’s weight lifting language for some hardcore barbell work!

By the way, I had also lost 10 pounds. ☺


With Purium as part of my life, I am eating healthier than ever. I have a green drink every day and take aminos before workouts.  Each morning I make my Purium protein pancakes, made with  Apple Berry Power Shake  powder and cinnamon, egg whites and almond butter. DELICIOUS!

I am competing at a much higher level than ever before and recovering in half the time it used to take me in my twenties! All with the help of Purium!



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