Curb those Junk Food Cravings!!


Resisting temptation can be quite difficult…sugar and processed food addictions are no joke! According

to the American Heart Association, the average American consumes an average of about 22 teaspoons

of added sugars per day. Fortunately, there are some foods that can help to curb harmful cravings…

Aloe, Nopal, and Wheatgrass, oh my!


Author David Sandoval says, “Aloe may taste somewhat bitter but as is said, ‘bitter is better!’… Bitters

reduce cravings for sweets and reduce our need for carbohydrates…aloe’s ‘bitterness’ can be attributed

to its wide array of health-supporting minerals and polysaccharides.”

Unfortunately, many versions on the market are loaded with sugary juices or require the purchase of a

gallon or more. Purium’s 40X Aloe Vera Concentrate™ comes in a small 4 fluid ounce bottle and is

powerful that only a teaspoon is needed to get the desired effect! The water and fiber has been removed

which leaves highly concentrated polysaccharides.


Nopal (Opuntia Streptacantha)

Used in many traditional Mexican dishes, the nopal cactus promotes weight loss when eaten by

absorbing water and providing a feeling of satiety. It has a positive effect on blood sugar and helps

reduce the appetite and control carbohydrate cravings. It can also reduce cholesterol by promoting the

excretion of fats from the body, and aids digestion by absorbing toxins from the bowel as well as

increasing the rate at which food passes through the system.

Purium offers Nopal in our CONTROL Pre-Meal Capsules™ blend – along with White Kidney Bean

Extract and Garcinia Cambogia, this blend helps to reduce cravings and neutralize the negative effect

created by starches (which normally get turned into sugar and stored as fat).



Sugar cravings can be brutal on willpower! It can be a huge struggle to quit when you are

in the grip of a sugar fix. Next time you are in the midst of a sugar attack, bring green juice to the battle!

Green juices like wheatgrass and barley green juice can help break our addictions and help our bodies to

alkalize while supplying the body with a multitude of vitamins and minerals and other phytochemicals.

Renowned doctor and mentor to David Sandoval, Dr. Bernard Jensen, says that it only takes

minutes to digest wheatgrass juice and that it uses up very little body energy. This nourishing green

superfood is a highly assimilable source for antioxidants, alkaline, complete protein, chlorophyll, E.F.A.’s,

trace minerals, natural flora, and enzymes. It also is a natural source of chromium. Chromium, a very hard

metallic element, helps regulate metabolism and has recently become the superstar of the weight loss


Purium’s Organic Kamut Blend™ is an unique heirloom version of wheatgrass that is blended with

alfalfa and oat grass.

For a more comprehensive approach to breaking your sugar addiction, try Purium’s 10-Day Transformation

Cleanse which will re-set your metabolism, change your taste buds to prefer fresh whole foods, and help you

lose any excess fat!
Other Natural Ways to Curb Cravings

  • Drink lots of water! A lot of times we think we are hungry when we are really thirsty. It is great to

have a glass of water a half hour prior to eating, make that a habit!


  • Eat more frequently (have smaller meals spread out) and go for the healthiest options on your

plate first.


  • Eat whole foods – incorporate plant based sources of protein (spirulina, beans, etc.) and good fats (avocados, nuts, etc.) to reduce the

cravings for the “bad” versions.


  • Avoid white bread, white salt, and white sugar. Get your glucose and fiber from fruit and complex

carbs. Avoid artificial sweeteners which confuse the body and do more harm than good in the long run.


  • Add cinnamon to your sweets – it helps the body to support healthy blood sugar levels.


  • Get daily exercise. Don’t have to overdo it! Just get your heart pumping. Try yoga or briskly



  • Eat before you are starving – have your house stocked with fresh, whole foods that make easy

snacks. Spend a few hours 1 day a week preparing your meals and snacks for the week to make it easier.


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  1. Studies also reveal that hormones play an important role in cravings and hunger. Somehow, if you can manage the hormonal changes in your body, it can be easier to control cravings and naturally you will consume lesser food in routine.

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