Top 5 Benefits of Bee Pollen


Not just for our buzzing little black and yellow striped pollinator friends, bee pollen has been used for centuries in different health tonics around the world. There are many great reasons why it has been touted for so long!


1. Boosts energy levels naturally – great source of protein and B vitamins that help energize the body.

2. Supports a healthy immune system – helps support healthy intestinal flora and is a great source of free radical scavenging antioxidants.

3. Supports a healthy digestive system – in addition to helping support healthy bacteria in the gut, bee pollen is also a great source of live enzymes that aid in digestion and help you to absorb nutrients better from the other food you eat.

4. Supports a healthy cardiovascular system – bee pollen is a great source of the antioxidant bioflavonoid rutin which may help to strengthen your capillaries and blood vessels and improve circulation.

3. May help reduce allergies – bee pollen may help reduce the presence of histamine.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, bee pollen has been studied for decades and has been shown to have a myriad of health benefits. At Purium Health Products we combine ours with Spirulina (“Mother Nature’s Multivitamin), American Ginseng, and cordycep mushrooms in a blend developed by David Sandoval and inspired by his mentor, the renowned Bernard Jensen.


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