How to BEE ENERGETIC – By Dave Sandoval


Why are we unable to get through even the first hour of our day after a sleep cycle that is intended by nature to renew energy?

We live in a world of energy seekers- Red Bull, Monster, and other energy drinks have displaced Coke and Pepsi as America’s beverages of choice. In addition, millions of people gladly fork over $3-5 for designer coffee at Starbucks and other high-end establishments, and even fast food chains like McDonald’s and others are beginning to cash in on America’s obsession with stimulating beverages. This raises a very critical question, and that is simply- why? Why are we unable to get through even the first hour of our day after a sleep cycle that is intended by nature to renew energy?

The answer is simple.

We are devoid of
A.) proper sleep
B.) adrenal support

‘Adrenal support’ is nature’s way of helping us deal with stress, lack of sleep, fear, and the need for sudden bursts of energy on command. Unfortunately for contemporary society, our bodies were not designed to endure the continuous sleep deprivation, poor diet (nutrition), and stress in the form of fear that seems to drive modern politics, marketing, and relationships. As a result, we are unable to cope with these high levels of anxiety, pressure, and constant worry- and soon our adrenal glands are depleted. Top athletes around the world have unlocked the secrets to restoring adrenal energy using a unique combination of herbs, whole foods, and extracts. When used properly, this scientifically combined proprietary formula will restore your body’s reserve energy tank and enable you to deal with the ever increasing levels of stress that our lives may require.

The formula? Purium Health Products’ proprietary Bee Energetic™ …when used in conjunction with Purium’s melatonin-rich tart cherry concentrate, Apothe-Cherry™, these whole food and herbal supplements will enable you to experience a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep cycle. Combine it with one of our pure, raw green juices such as Organic Best of Greens, which contain valuable enzymes that put simply help relieve certain stresses on the body, we truly believe that you can break your addiction to these artificially stimulating, debilitating, and addictive beverages. I believe this is important because these seemingly harmless beverages contribute to rapid aging, irritability, and a significant tax on your monthly finances. Even if you could afford to pay $5 daily for a trendy energy drink, you can’t afford the toll it takes on your body.

  • Dave Sandoval


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