The S.A.D. Affect: An Overfed and Undernourished America


North America seems to mainly be made up of a continent full of people rushing through their busy
lives…rushing to work, rushing to their kids’ sporting events, rushing to dinner. We want everything faster, easier, and more convenient and that is how we eat; packed up, taken To Go and eaten in the car on the way to some obligation.

We have extended bellies but we are never satisfied. We have “low-fat” and “non-fat,” and “diet” this and that, but we are getting fatter. Diabetes has been growing exponentially in the past two decades. Our nation as a whole is getting sicker and sicker. And through it all, we are consuming far more sugar than we may even imagine through our exponentially growing consumption of overly processed foods.

A recent study performed by researchers from the University of São Paulo and Tufts University showed
that a whopping 57.9% of people’s calorie intake and 90% of the added sugar we consume comes from ultra-processed foods! Another 12.3% came from processed foods (not ultra-processed) and
processed culinary ingredients. That means less than 30% comes from unprocessed foods! So it isn’t too
far off to say that 70% of what we eat on a daily basis is junk food. This also means that for every person eating just 50% processed food there is another person eating 90% processed food.

From an Atlantic article on this study: “Processed” is not inherently an evil word. According to the Food
and Drug Administration, the only time a food can be called fresh is when you’ve just ripped it out of the
ground or off a tree and shoved it in your mouth. (Ok, you’re allowed to wash it, coat it, and use
pesticides, too.) So bread, even the whole-wheat kind with the weird seeds in it, The researchers…defined “ultra-processed” as: Formulations of several ingredients which, besides salt, sugar, oils, and fats, include food substances not used in culinary preparations, in particular, flavors, colors, sweeteners, emulsifiers and other additives used to imitate sensorial qualities of unprocessed or minimally processed foods and their culinary preparations or to disguise undesirable qualities of the final product.

Meaning we are eating foods that we could never create in our home kitchens. Foods that flavor scientists have worked hard on to fool our brains. So-called foods that started out as “fresh” but after a long process became unidentifiable to how they existed in nature. “Much of the problem, they say, is that the ultra-processed sugar bombs are replacing “more nutrient-dense foods,” and leaving people “simultaneously overfed and undernourished.”

How can we be overfed yet undernourished? Because we are eating empty foods that fill our bellies
momentarily but then leave us wanting more and more. We are only fooling our brains. We are putting so many foreign chemicals into our bodies that they are confused and becoming sick. Do you think that these people make these choices because they want to become obese, or don’t understand that Diabetes is dangerous? That they are just not smart? No, they do it for convenience.

They do it because they are pressed for time and their kids have to eat. They do it because it is marketed
as safe and time-saving and the same as any other food. They do it because they don’t think they have
another reasonable choice.

What does this all tell us? That it has never been more apparent that the time for a Real Food Revolution
is here and now. So how do we get there? Be a shining light for pure, premium whole foods and herbs. Not a nagging, condescending, hurts-your- eyeballs light but a gentle, kind light that illuminates what we CAN do to make the Real Food Revolution a reality. Find ways you can lead by example, spread the word. Most people just don’t know what they don’t know. We can take our power back.

Grow your own food (indoor and outdoor gardens in small spaces can still have great yields), shop at
Farmer’s Markets when you can, support natural grocery stores, and try to opt for foods with the cleanest, least processed ingredients as often as you can. Cook at home so you can control the ingredients and avoid added sugars.

“The Green Foods Bible” author David Sandoval’s general recommendations:

1. Select foods that are organic or as close to the earth as possible

2. Eat slowly and chew your food well – 30 chews per mouthful

3. Eat until you are 80% full as satiety signals take time to register

4. Be thankful and appreciate the food that nourishes you

These steps all have the potential to greatly improve your health…but growing all our own food, juicing,
and cooking meals from scratch is not always realistic for all working families. That is where Purium
comes in. It is the most nutrient dense and economical fast food on the market. It takes the guesswork
out of nutrition and leaves you confident that you are getting the nutrition your body needs to thrive.

The Standard American Diet is called S.A.D. for a very good reason, let’s get happy with whole foods and
herbs instead! Unlike most fast food, Purium’s purity standards results in real, pure, premium food blends that make the body come alive. Spread the word of your health breakthroughs and the reinvigoration of your body. Show your loved ones that there is another way!


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