4 Amazing Benefits of Cupping Therapy


Maybe this is the first time you’ve ever heard the words “cupping therapy” together. Maybe you have regular appointments but aren’t sure of all the benefits it can bring. Cupping therapy often goes along with acupuncture and is a form of Chinese therapy. If you’ve gotten a massage then you’ve felt a similar stimulation. Cupping therapy stimulates a deep tissue massage in a unique way. Instead of pushing down on the muscles and massaging them out, bamboo or glass cups are suctioned to your muscles in order to pull them up and loosen them! It is a unique and wonderful feeling but there is a little catch… you are left with painless huge hickeys where the cups once were for a few days to a few weeks.


There are several benefits to cupping therapy that is different from getting a normal massage and reasons why you should consider adding this to your “take care of myself” fund each month. 😉


1. Loosen muscles: The glass or bamboo cups will pull up the muscles by suction and loosen and relax the muscles. Untying knots and releasing pain and discomfort.


2. Detox: The intense suction of the cups can take out toxins from your body especially when acupuncture is involved.


3. Relaxation: Massages are relaxing, right? Same concept. By lying down and having your muscles loosened you’ll not only feel physically relaxed but also mentally.


4. Pain relief: This goes for both chronic pain relief and temporary relief. Cupping (and acupuncture) have been said to help with arthritis pain, chronic lower back pain, but also sore muscles from a hard workout.


How do you prepare for a cupping session? Stay hydrated. That’s the most important part. Both before and after your session. Water will help flush out the toxins that are trying to be released during your cupping session and will also continue to hydrate your muscles and help blood flow.


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