Success Story: Kirsten Brown – From Depression to Gratitude


After having kids, I began to gain weight. Before I knew it, over a decade had passed me by and

I was at my highest weight; 260 pounds. I was lonely, sad, depressed, and unhealthy. Last

summer the symptoms begin – hair loss, headaches, anxiety, confusion, memory loss, difficulty

swallowing, rapid pulse, dry skin, hyper-defecation, day and night sweats, and tremors. I was

confined to my home and cold showers, blanket size ice packs, and Aleve became my daily



On July 15th 2015, I ended up in the hospital. After the EKG report came back

abnormal the doctor said, “There’s something wrong with you!” After two weeks of various tests

I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease. I was scared and angry; my self-esteem was already at its

lowest point. I wondered if this was my punishment for all the years I hurt myself and others

around me. I was at my worst and all I wanted was for the pain to stop. I asked myself, “Where

do I go from here?” I began to read. I found it uplifting to be informed and became diligent about

being my own health advocate. Over the next few months I learned about proper diet and exercise, it

was the key to my success and becoming healthy. Although I was eating better and making

myself accountable with a new exercise routine, there was something missing. I still didn’t feel

complete and I was still overweight. In October I met Desiree and she introduced me to Purium.

It was the spark I desired, she had the solution to my unanswered prayers. November 1st I started

my first Transformation, since then I’ve completed three Transformations with the Core3 nutrition

in between. Every aspect of my life has changed. You can see the obvious and incredible 60-

pound weight loss in my pictures… I’ve gone from a size 24 to a size 14 and I have a glow in my

skin and I radiate happiness and good health.  What you don’t see is how I feel…I have passion, drive,

determination, focus, love for myself, energy on a whole new level, acceptance of who I was and

the knowledge  that I don’t ever want to be unhealthy again. Because of my new zest for

life, I finally have a pep in my step; my life has finally begun to take its course. I deserve to be

Amazing!  I have the proper tools to keep myself feeling rejuvenated every day of my life. I

finally have the power and the strength to survive. I’m making changes within myself I want to

reflect and others. I thank Dave for giving me the opportunity to RECLAIM MY LIFE and learn

what it is like to truly love myself, it’s the GREATEST gift I’ve ever received. My heart is full of



Kristen Brown Before and After with hubby


As a story is told, there’s a beginning and an end. My story is more of an enlightenment that has

awoken me from my darkness and the end is still unwritten. For many years I was lonely, sad,

depressed, and overweight and struggled with issues of self-worth, unhappiness, and anger.

Until I felt true Love for myself, I never dreamed my life could be so rich and I was capable of

replacing the negative thoughts I had of myself with amazing, productive, happy, encouraging

thoughts and images. The fulfillment I feel on an everyday basis some days feels so unreal

because at one time in my life it seemed intangible. There are some days I still sit and ponder

how was I so blessed to be given such a terrific gift and I realize I was ready for the change and

the only step left was to make myself accountable. Thank you to everyone in my circle of family

and friends for your love and support, sticking by me in my hardest of times. I promise you and

myself that my life and its greatest adventures have only just begun.


Kirsten Brown Before and After headshot



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