A Cluttered Kitchen is a Cluttered Body


A cluttered room is a cluttered mind…but did you know that a cluttered kitchen often leads to

packing pounds on the body? Messier kitchens may lead to more issues with obesity than

cleaner kitchens suggests this article on NPR.


With big families and big appetites, how can we keep our kitchen from making us fat?


  1. Clean up while you go – don’t leave all the cleanup for the end as it becomes too daunting and

easy to put off until the next day. Get the family involved. If they assist with food prep, have

them stay on top of putting food cuttings into the compost bin if you have one (strongly advise

starting one if you do not have one already). If they did not cook but were able to eat what was

prepared, they should definitely help clean. Make it a point to leave your kitchen clean after

meals and before going to bed so you wake up with a fresh start each day.


2.  Put away any dishes on the drying rack or dishwasher as soon as possible – consider

toweling them off in the interest of getting them back into the cabinet. That way your newly

dirtied dishes will have a place to go instead of languishing in the sink.

Use or dispose of older food – Go through your refrigerator and your cabinets and any other

produce storage areas once a week and make sure to move food that needs to be eaten up to

the front.  Juice or freeze any fruits or veggies that are nearing their end. Compost any food that

has gone bad.


3.  Get organized – Have a designated space for mail, keys and other stuff you might be

tempted to set down upon coming in the front door. Do not let it wallow on the kitchen table or

counter taking up space. Have a designated space for your baking items, your food containers,

etc. Having a set space will make it easier to know where everything goes and make clean up

go so much smoother.


4.  Forget the junk – Most importantly, never clutter up your cabinets with overly processed,

nutritionally devoid foods! Buy foods you love that will love you back …foods that satisfy your

cravings on a cellular level. You will be far less likely to overeat and be unhealthy if the food you

have actually satisfies your nutrient needs. Avoid the foods that solely excite your brain and are

devoid of benefits for your body.


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