Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas!


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Some people call this the day of love and others refer to it as Singles’ Awareness Day… but no matter what name you have for this holiday we have some unique and fun ideas for you and your significant other (or other single friends)!



  • Learn Something New


Maybe you both could use a lesson on cooking or maybe you live in a beach town but have never been surfing. Take this day to learn something new that can benefit both of you individually and together. 🙂


  • Rent a Sailboat


Sailboating is romantic. Pack a picnic and sail out onto a lake nearby and enjoy the view together. If you already know how to sail, go by yourselves, if not, you can get someone to take you out!


  • Volunteer to Give Love to Those in Need


Send flowers to a nursing home, bake goods for caregivers, firefighters, hospital workers, etc. Or volunteer your time at a soup kitchen.


  • Hot Air Balloon Rides


See your beautiful city from thousands of feet in the air with friends or lover.


  • Recreate the First Date You Ever Had Together


Did you guys meet in a coffee shop ordering the same drink then end up having a two hour conversation? Did you meet at the gym and later go on a hike in your city together? However your first special day together was spent, recreate it and remember exactly how and why you originally fell for this person. 🙂


  • Do Something Wild


Have you both been wanting to go bungee jumping but also a little afraid? What better way to take that jump than with your significant other! Or if you’re not quite ready for that wild of an adventure, try something like dancing in the rain together or singing karaoke at a local club. 🙂


  • Get Tickets to a Comedy Event


Laughing is a great way to break the ice! Maybe you are a new couple and still trying to figure each other out. Go to a comedy club and laugh together! Even if you’ve been together for years, this is a fun way to bring more laughter into the relationship!


  • Weekend Getaway


If money allows, take a spontaneous trip somewhere for the weekend! Hop on a plane or a few hour drive and enjoy the sightseeing and company of each other.


No matter what you choose to do on this day, spend it with people you love and care about (friends, significant other, or even just yourself)!


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