Success Story: Joe Berardy – The Pen is Mightier than the Fork


It started with my own, personal vanity. It seems like that’s where it starts for everyone. And we’re all looking for a quick fix. As long as it doesn’t kill us, we’ll try just about anything to look better.

And then we’ll feel better, right? That’s what we all hope.

If only it were that easy…but the journey – the actual day-to-day, moment-to-moment living of that journey – is so much more complicated than that. But if you can do the work from moment-to-moment and day-to-day, you may find that looking and feeling better are just the first few steps toward a life you never knew you could live.

I used to walk by my old gym in east Oahu every day and think to myself, “Someday. Someday I’m going to get back inside that gym. I’m going to get back to the old Me. The Me of my twenties.”


Then, one day in early June of 2014, I did it. I stopped making excuses and I walked inside that gym instead of walking by. I signed up and started swimming and lifting weights every day.

Two months later, there was little change. I still didn’t want to go to parties or socialize. I still hated shopping for clothes. My existence remained largely unchanged: I worked and tried to be the best husband, dad and granddad I could.



Around the same time, in the middle of August, 2014, a friend of mine texted me with his Purium success story. “Another gimmick,” I remember thinking. I blew him off and turned my attention back to the TV. That’s how I used to “unwind” from work in the evenings.

Not long after, that same friend sent me another text but used a different image. He included a before and after of his stomach profile. He hit my biggest pain point dead-on. We met the very next day.

I started my first 10-Day Transformation on August 18, 2014. By day nine, my mind went from making a list of all the places I would go to eat after my Transformation to deciding I was going to do another Transformation, back-to-back. The results were undeniable. I learned something very important: it isn’t about exercise as much as it’s about nutrition.

I made a goal of losing 34 of my then 234 pounds. I started my third Transformation right on the tail of my second but told myself I would take this last Transformation one day at a time. Much to my wife Suzy’s delight, I stopped the third Transformation on day five. I had met my goal of 200 pounds. I lost 34 pounds in 25 days!

It was time to go forward. But how?


I was 53 years old. I had built a solid career as a retailer and wholesale importer with my wife. I had served as a keynote speaker at area events and even mentored business students at our local university. All of these accomplishments over all of these years, yet I had somehow failed at the business of Me.

The good news was that as major as my physical transformation was, my mental transformation was even greater.

I knew I needed a plan. I need a Go Forward Plan. I also knew that I now had the tools and the strength to create it and hopefully live it.

It started with research. Research into foods, research into fitness, but most importantly, research into Me. What were the foods I craved and enjoyed the most and were there healthy alternatives to them? Of course there were. I wasn’t about to deprive myself so I actively created a replacement to satisfy those cravings:

  • White Rice >> Quinoa
  • Dairy Milk >> Almond or Coconut Milk
  • Potatoes >> Sweet Potatoes

We all have our own set of habits that gets us to “that place” – that place for me was on the couch wasting away hours in front of the TV, which led to snacking and drinking sugary drinks. I had to recognize that watching TV was a huge, unhealthy, daily “trigger” in my life and it had to be replaced with something else – something healthy – or there was no way I would Go Forward with success.

Recognizing and addressing that single trigger in my life led to not just one change for my Go Forward plan but two.

I now use my TV time in the evening to be active walking or jogging or to write! I am working on two books – something I dreamed about doing for a long time. One book is about my business as a wholesale importer and the other is about Me. My autobiography is in the works and tentatively titled “Fat to Fit in 25 Days”. I also started a blog a few months back and have had a lot of fun and some nice success with it –

My advice to people is simple. You have the power to be whatever you want to be and there is a program out there that will allow you to be that person. The only barrier to that success is you. Successful people simply do what other people won’t do – it all comes down to choice.

And by the way, I am in even better shape now than I was in my twenties and my wife Suzy is healthier than she has been in years. I have now kicked my blood pressure medication and lost 42 pounds. Suzy has kicked diabetes, cholesterol and migraine medication and I think you’ll agree that she looks fabulous. This is all a result of our hard work, good choices and Purium!








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