Debunking the Myth about Detoxing


Why Detox?  People have been asking me what I think about the articles that go viral from time to time that refer to the idea of detoxing or cleansing as being a scam. I’ve read many of the articles and there is some truth to them – but there is also a lot of self-serving information on how only medical doctors can help you detox with chemicals. My answer?

Skeptics are skeptics, always looking for a reason to be skeptical. Optimists are always looking for a reason to be optimistic. But the truth will always be the truth. Every time we breathe we are detoxifying, every time we urinate, cough, sneeze, sweat, exfoliate…all of that is detox. The body is built to detoxify but we exist in a world full of pollutants. On top of that, many of us load ourselves with fast food / processed foods and alcohol. When strange chemicals are commonly found in the blood of pregnant women, we know that our bodies need help. These are not the only signs. We know that our bodies have not detoxified properly if we have seen the lungs of a smoker, the liver of a drinker, the skin of a predominantly fast food eater, or even what calcium deposits do to our kidneys. People die every day because their bodies could not detox or detox fast enough…we could live to be 120 years old, and yet we are dying at 60, 70, and 80.

How does detox work? First, we must understand that we can enhance the body’s ability to detoxify itself. When we consume clean food, our bodies can then drain toxins. Think of your bathtub. If you remove the plug and turn on the water full blast, the water is then coming in faster than it drains, but it will not spill over the side of the tub for a while. It is the same with your body. So, the key is to turn down the flow of the “water” or toxins, so they can drain through the normal channels and not “overflow.”
– Dave Sandoval






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