5 Tips to Stay Injury-Free this Winter!


When was the last time that you went skiing or snowboarding? These fun winter sports will keep you active and adventurous all season long! But just like most things, a little preparation goes a long way. Here are five tips to keep you healthy and injury-free this winter:


1. Stretching, cardio and strength training that will help you not get injured and have more fun on the ice or slopes.


Doing about 25 jumping jacks and some leg and arm stretches are a great way to warm up and stretch before heading out. This will decrease your chances of injury and sore muscles later on.


2. Being hydrated.


Make sure you have been drinking enough water the week before you go on this trip. Just like with any physical activity, you are going to sweat and lose a lot of water. It is important to start off hydrated and to stay hydrated through the day. Consider having a Camelback water pack.


3. Getting enough sleep.


Not getting your 7-9 hours of sleep the night before will affect you more than you may think! Feeling tired naturally decreases your immune system and makes you feel weaker and more fatigued. All of those are setting yourself up for a disaster!


4. Taking a warm bath with epsom salt.


When you get home, taking a warm shower or bath is probably on the top of your list anyway! Add some epsom salt and relax for a bit. This will help relax your muscles and help prevent them from being sore in the morning!


5. Foods that soothe sore muscles (and are just good for you in general)!


Protein and potassium are extremely important in recovering from sore muscles. This includes legumes, eggs, lean meats, bananas, avocados, etc. These also possess other benefits from eating them. The others that have great antioxidant properties are blueberries and tart cherry. This means that when you get home and hop into that warm bath with the epsom salt, you can enjoy a tall glass of Purium’s Apothe-Cherry warm and cold. This will not only help with those sore muscles but it will also help you sleep!



  1. I love the Purium Blog and using your products like beet juice, aloe and apothe cherry. as a long distance runner, it has helped me with my running training during the winter months while having delicious warm healthy drinks. Also running in very low temperatures can expose you to be constantly sick, and since I started using the products, I have not been sick!

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