Success Stories: Allison G – Score One for Good Health!


I don’t think enough attention can be given to the value of good health; the value of investing in and maintaining good health. It takes commitment but good health makes anything possible. That’s what Purium has taught me.

When my family of six relocated from Hawaii to Washington state in 2008, we didn’t realize it at the time, but we were about to feel the effects of the economic crash first hand. My husband had a great job in Washington, but it took us 3 1/2 years to sell our home in Hawaii and when we did, it was at a substantial loss. It was a relief to finally be out from under the burden of owning a home we couldn’t live in, but the financial blow was huge. We kept thinking we’d get ahead again, but we were  just making ends meet. After being a stay at home mom for 16 years, last fall I took a job outside our home. I was working three nights per week to help meet the demands of raising 5 kids.

It was during this time that my husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure, a condition that resulted in his own father’s death at the tragically young age of 46.

My eight-year-old daughter, Taye, was also struggling with severe environmental allergies. This affected her sleep, and consequently, her studies.

On top of all of that, I was feeling frumpier than I ever had. After the birth of our 5th child four years earlier, I had not been able to lose the last 15 pounds of extra weight. I loved healthy foods, but I was addicted to sugar and chronically tired. I was always active growing up on the North Shore of Oahu, but now, homeschooling our 3 youngest children, I often lacked the energy to accomplish what I needed to do.



In November of 2014, in an effort to get my family healthy and avoid putting my husband on blood pressure medication, I was exploring different options and discovered Purium through Facebook. I researched further and I loved that I could read the labels and that the company was an advocate of organic and non-gmo foods. Everything just made sense! I was confident this was going to help us. My husband was willing to try and our two teenagers even caught my enthusiasm and decided to get on board. The four of us committed to doing the Transformation together.



I couldn’t believe how great I felt. I lost weight and was enjoying increased stamina and mental clarity. I was especially thrilled to be over my sugar cravings. My husband also lost weight, but most importantly, his blood pressure returned to the “normal” range and his doctor actually labeled him “medically boring!” Our teenagers weren’t trying to lose weight, but also saw positive changes.

Even at that time, I still didn’t realize just how much Purium would change our lives.


Because of Taye’s allergies, Purium’s naturopath, Dr. Mike, recommended a regimen to help. I hadn’t heard of ancient Egyptian wheatgrass until then, but as it turns out, the Kamut Blend, plus the probiotic and enzyme, alleviated  her allergies. Taye no longer takes Claritin and is sleeping better and feeling great. This has been a huge blessing in all areas of her life!


I didn’t begin using Purium with the intention of selling it. I started it to get my family’s health back on track. But as I did it became obvious to me that sharing Purium was simply something I had to do. It had changed my family’s life. I believed in the power of this product.

Initially I wanted to tell people about it simply because I was excited to share what had been such a positive force in my life. I soon realized there might be the potential to earn money doing so. I met with my upline and set a goal of $1000 per month for myself. It wasn’t long before I met that goal, quit my part time job, and raised that goal to $3,000-$4000 per month. I am now at the Green Diamond level and my income falls within that range. I continue to set new goals and look forward to achieving the rank of Crown and helping other families, not only get healthy, but improve their financial situations as well. It’s a pretty exciting position to be in! Our family is passionate about the Million Mom Movement. In fact, we are currently sponsoring two of our kids’ soccer teams in our effort to “make healthy cool” while also making Purium a household name.


We believe these jerseys and the Purium brand are shedding light on the important value of good health.


Purium brought my family hope for better health and financial freedom and I know it can do the same for other families. In a nutshell, that is my mission. I’m not merely selling a product. I never could have done this if that’s what this was about. I am sharing the value of good health and the financial blessings that I have enjoyed because of Purium. I feel like it would be selfish of me NOT to. I am committed to sharing these opportunities–and the HOPE that accompanies them–with everyone I can!




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