Success Story: Audrey Gonzalez – Tragedy to Triumph


Tragedy to Triumph One Family’s Journey

Written as Audrey Gonzalez’s Personal Reflection


“A new baby is like the beginning of all things—wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”  – Eda J. Le Shan

I still can’t believe Rafael is here. Nearly a year has gone by and my husband Victor and I are still in complete awe of him – our beautiful baby boy, our son Rafael.

Just two years ago, I was diving deeper and deeper into depression. My first pregnancy had ended in a still born birth. It had taken five years for Victor and I to conceive and I had carried the baby full term with no complications. The shock of the ordeal was overwhelming. Our dream of building our family was shattered. We were completely devastated.

Between the hormones and the depression, I continued to carry all the weight of that pregnancy. Going out in public meant a barrage of death-blow questions from strangers: “How far along are you? When are you due?”

Three months later, I still very heavy. Then a miracle happened. Victor and I found out we were expecting. Again. We couldn’t believe that our first pregnancy took five years of trying and our second pregnancy was for all intent and purposes, a surprise!

After I delivered our Rafael, I knew I had to get the baby weight off because it still served as a painful reminder of that first pregnancy and the enormous loss we suffered. I bought a treadmill soon after I got home from the hospital and started working out twice each day. I thought exercise was a better approach than dieting because I was breastfeeding. I felt that any dieting might be harmful to my baby’s health.

All that time on the treadmill didn’t make a bit of difference. The weight was NOT coming off.

It was just this past July that I saw my friend post about this organic Superfood Transformation. I learned quickly that it was safe for breastfeeding. I continued my research and ultimately decided to buy the Platinum Pack.


Although I modified the Transformation slightly to ensure I was taking in enough calories to nourish myself and my baby, I felt the power of Purium’s green drinks in many ways, and saw almost immediate results. My breast milk production doubled by day two and by day five, I could see muscle definition in my legs. Rafael, having suffered from dry skin patches from birth, also experienced the power of the green drinks – his dry skin patches disappeared after a week!

I had previous experience juicing and eating organic – that regimen was part of my five-year journey to fertility – but my results with Purium were extraordinary. By day 10, I was down nine pounds. I was so inspired I did the Continuation for six weeks and lost another 11 pounds. My metabolism has been reset. My hormones were in balance for the first time in years and my hair was even fuller.


Today, at age 33, I truly feel younger, stronger and more energetic than I ever have before. I know that I am the very best mom I can be to Rafael and that brings me a level of satisfaction that I can’t even begin to explain. I am happy to report that my husband Victor has also had success gaining muscle and losing fat with the Athlete’s Transformation.

Together, we look forward to celebrating Rafael’s first birthday on October 27 and continuing to spread the word about Purium – especially to new mothers looking for a healthy way to recover their body from pregnancy while breastfeeding.




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